Didactic and Amusing Predeal Trainee and Shit happens in Bucurest

Salut toata  lumea ,

Hello dear people  and my friends

Day by  day  I’m getting involved  in community of Romania

Last week, I was in Predeal for 6 days trainee and all volunteers  from various city of romania were here with us.

Our traineers were Adi and Elena which are two good persons. Hotel we’ve  stayed was 3 stars , it works 🙂

I knew Romeo from Eden hotel, he is too funny   our conversation was  like this : Kuru pasta? Romeo? yes?

and he : No you want Romanian kuru pasta 🙂 I will never forget him, he is nice guy.

When it comes to education, I learned a lot of didactic and useful things for my Evs process. There was  a Romanian another waiter who was singing like Dj at some nights  He  hitted the floor 🙂

Volunteers I met were great, a note : most of them from Valcea and I learned that Valcea is nice place near bucurest 🙂

I dont make discrimination between people I ‘ve met but I must say one  thing, some people are more special, you know it

Special thanks to David from Portugal, Sonia from France, Anastasia from Russia, Anna from Portugal and and Mari from Spain, you guys are amazing, we were meant to be  and we were good team, no matter what we’ve done in predeal, we did this together . I liked Romanian guy Bogdan from Predeal, I like the way he smiled a  lot 🙂

Another topic is , We ate shits of Chicken and potatoe for every day ( în fiecare zi cartofi )

I laughed a lot when turkish guy Murat said ” Furkan, I’m gonna vommit soon” 🙂

David’s story amazed me really. He spent erasmus life in Bucuresti and had a lot of friends and he speaks very well Romanian, but percent 80 of words are regarding to love :)))

This is one of conversation:

– Sufletul mea

– Dragul mea

– awww… te Iubec…  sunt nimic fara tine .. va rugam  sa stea pe pieptul meu :))

One thing : Ursusssssssssssss

They came so close to us  and kid bear was ok but when mom came.. wow 🙂

You see that guy on right photo 🙂 He is Florin from Bucurest, He has been to Turkey several times and he really liked.

He was as warm as turkish people.  Let’s talk about Bucuresti  Trip 🙂

Before I reached to Bucuresti, biggest problem was where to  stay for a night. I wrote to coachsurfing, and it sucked, cuz no one controlling their invitation alerts so often 🙂 I asked to David oh you’re crazy man, may be he was drunken or busy.

I passed through subway and reached to Unieri which is central place of Bucuresti.  I’ve visited Museum of Municipal Bucuresti  , in last 15 mins of closing time 🙂

I walked all dAY non – stop all city.. I walked to student zone and ate shoarma here and met some romanian friends.

Bucurests girls are one of a kind in world , you must see them 🙂 foarte frumosa.. muahhhh.. ( BY kike )

Finally, I went through clubs at night and found one turkish guy who already worked in bucuresti and told me that kebab store where i can stay for a night 🙂

The Turkish accounter’s name was Furkan also , look at chance 🙂

I observed them all night as they worked around me, I’m so thankful to Furkan so he accepted me here. Bucuresti is big city ( Oras mare ) with 2 millions population, Ceaucescu palace was great , Last day  to be soaking wet under strong rain is priceless 🙂

I met Ioanna on train who is from Cluj.  Nice girl.  Then turned back to Brasov,

si asa imi trec zilele
asa imi trec noptile 🙂

Cu bine!




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