New art in the English cultural Center in Brasov


This days, the English Library of Brasov exhibits an interesting  set of works of ceramic and drawings, made by students and managed by Serban Iuca and Marios Necsoi.

This is especially interesting because all the artistic pieces are experimental works made by students of the Art School “Sr Meserii Tiberiu Brediceanu”. The exhibition will be open till next June 12th. Used material are pottery and ceramics shaped as tablets wich reminds the ancient Mesopotamia tablets, that our ancestors used as a diary to write down abour economic and historical issues.

The rest of the exhibition show a set of drawings made from charcoal pencil and pastels. Studens from the Popular School of Art made a good work, depicting and designing artistic pieces, ornamental objects and smart models of pottery based on the ancient xamples, but adding their new perspective.  The English Cultural Center is engaged with all the young initiatives and uses to give its space to art exhibition made by locals. That’s a good philosophy because the local art should be backed up by this kind of institutions. Thanks to their  countinuous cultural activity people can enjoy with art, new initiaties and innovations like this one.

Furthermore, from the next mid of June the center will continue with more temporary exhibitions. All the interested people can consult the info about hours and summer schuedule at:

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