be happy

Travel trough  Romania.

After three months  I can say that Romania  for me is definitely beautiful, uncovered and day by day more friendly. Last week me and my two friend have been on the end of the world  in Sulina. We spent there 2 days, definitely too short and I am sure to come back there, to have again clear mind because in this place all your bad thinks just go out, disappear. I want focus myself to tell you story about ship, with we traveled from Tulcea to Sulina because what I saw on this huge monster was surprising and made me to good mood.


We started our cruse at 1 p.m. on Friday in Tulcea. My first impression was “4 hours on a ship I can’t believe this” . Ticket cost around 32 ROM , we bought it  and after this our trip started.  Inside a ship looked  like a big  market square. You could hear  a lot of noise and smell mixing of specific things  because  on this specific market square was able to find literally everything  from animals during food, tourists , furniture and  equipment to home, big check bags.Why? Because this magic ship is one solution how you can carry your stuff if you live at the end of Delta Danube.

If you want go to Sulina you have to be very organized because only at 1 p.m. 3 days in week ship start his 4 hours cruise. During this 4 hours you can feel totally relax and a bit waves which makes you happy and beat sleepy.  You can choose place inside, what is necessary when the weather was like ours raining and scold(but I saw a German tourists, and they where able to spend this way outside how it was possible I don’t now)  or outside .  Way with downstream, is slowly but quite windy and around you can see only a pure nature and green (I don’t now how boat work in the winter time hmmm…)


Finally at 5 15 p.m. you are in paradise.  And what is most beautiful that from this paradise is hard to come back. Ship  backs 3 days a week only at 7 a.m. So please be inattentive and stay there longer and be happy…

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