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Bicycl­es are simple and beautifully elegant machine­s that attract just about every kid at an early age, working their wa­y up from tricycles and training wheels.

The coolest thing about a bicycle is that it lets you get where you are going a­ lot faster and using a lot less energy than if you were walkin­g or running.



1)     Where were bicycles first introduced?



North America


2)     What’s the core of a bicycle called?

seat post




3)     What does the front fork hold?

the chain

the gears

the front wheel


4)     What do bicycles use to reduce friction?


ball bearings



5)     Which bicycle part doesn’t have ball bearings?

gear shift

rear hub

front hub


6)     The early bicycles that featured huge front wheels and small rear wheels are called:


penny-farthing bicycles

parading bicycles



7)     With today’s bicycles, what are the pedals connected to?

the front wheel

the rear wheel

the seat tube




8)     What are the pedals connected to in a penny-farthing bicycle?

the front wheel

the rear wheel

the fork tube


9)     What’s one of the reasons bicycles are made with gears?

to make bicycles appear more attractive

to reduce the size of the wheels

to create a smoother ride


10)      Standard bicycle wheels are what size?

24 inches (610 millimeters)

26 inches (660 millimeters)

28 inches (711 millimeters)


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