Tasty Picnic in Brasov and open-door activities in Tractarul


This week I wil not keep it long like I used to do last week in blog

Cuz some weeks that pass by nothing … or some weeks we dont travel at all 🙂

In the 9 june,  We were in  Tractarul park and used to play sports game ( most of them was like this )

We played stone games, badminton.. and  Juggling with Carmen 😉

There was other ” tineri” volunteers who played with us.  Weather was so hot, omg, it was 33 may be?

Ok i know im coming from Turkey but still it is strange 🙂

We played fotball with Sercan, Oggy Raul skate ( nam-i deger Skate ) 😀

After one day at 10 of june  that sunday we went to Picnic  in Lempeş which is nearby to Brasov

Luci showed us his knife set  and shit of shape knifes he had  in case 🙂

We basically cooked mic- Beef, Chicken , 

eggplant zucchini and so on

Then , they played special card game which I dont know so i just watched :))

Sercan thaugt me how to play  ” Batak”  ( Boggy )

Then,… Wednesday  went to Casa de mureselinor and scanned and scanned.. ohh god lol 🙂

I decided to work as scanner in Museum in ROMANIA calmest job ever :))

After museum, i was in city and met  with Florin who is working in Serbian restaurant and he was nice guy and he knows how to say bad words in turkish 🙂

Then  we walked toward the Tampa with Anna, but She was tired and cant walk anymore 🙂

And Teleferik was not working cuz it was 5 O’clock  🙂


Thats all  for this week


asta e tot pentru acum 🙂


See you


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