What A Day When the birds are singing too, Singing for you In Brasov..


Last week was so full and had a lot of activity  which made me smile, sorry today my brain is full and can hardly write blog 🙂

15 of the June, before one day, I prepared my own games for activity in Bailescu house

I was excited cuz this was my first solo- move in brasov so far. I put all games into my mind but still wrote down   to not forget 🙂


     Anyways ,  our associatia colors team has played games together on leadership of me

But people smiled and laughed a lot sometimes it felt like small kids  who is naughty, lol.

Next day, I went to tracatarul parc to make activities with  kids and teenagers. It was so fun.

We played football badminton, painting, jumping, juggling some games like pulling string and  balooon voleyball  this is learning process 😉


I think it was last saturday when I played basketball with romanian people on the school’s field, we were turkish guys and made several tournaments we afforded a lot under sun degreed like 37 may be  and needed to have a lot of apa 😉

My favourit activity was with kids from the Sacele !



I saw the darkest boys ever in Romania but all of them had a piece of smile on their face  although they have hard life conditions.

Me and Anna went to Sacele  by bus and met with Ruxandra in school. School was seemed too old but its ok, first  We played a  lot of games may be 10 or 11 and Of course I brought my computer to play musics for kids  !!

Chair game was great and then we played  Romanian musics but all sort!!!

then I sung manele for kids, they supriseddddddd..

you know my favourit.. De ce ma paraesesti Iubrea mea, Cine … lol  Te rog sa… :)))

And kids like to listen “ Vara nu dorm “ and “ Alex Velea” as well  and we had big fun :))


Next day went to Museum spent time   all day there   do you know to know what I did?

ok I tell you “ I scanned” more and more lol.

See you next week!

La revedereeeeee

Aaa i forgot to say

I created new sort of language

Buh vi that Imi placi seni  :-)))


Have sunny days

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