I'm crazy and I know it :)

                                    We ‘ve arranged Turkish coffee day with other turkish collegues and this photo was taken during  interview  with Romanian Tv 🙂

( Interviu cu român de televiziune )


Great lake in Poina Brasov and There were small fishes in it  I loved it 🙂

( lac minunat, în Poiana Braşov )


                                     In Poina brasov, I Hopped on  some kind of swing  it was huge active one 🙂

( leagăn )

(teatru foarte bun si  actori talentaţi  )

In the 24 of june, I went to Theatre that called ” My husband’s fantasies almost like I was crazy ”

The actors and Actresss were excellent , I will go to theatre once again 😉

If you want to watch a good theatre, the best place is Sică Alexandrescu Drama Theatre

LOcation : Piaţa Teatrului 1 Town Centre


  • tel, info: 268 412 969
Have  a nice weekend !
Un weekend plăcut!











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