My country!!!


Yes, I wanted to say something about Spain in my blog today. Because I also sometimes miss you: the hot in summer, gazpacho at home, in the darkness of the rooms and the shinning light outside. Having dinner outside, or swimming in the swimming pool while the 40 º C beat your body violently. The insects singing, the Euro with friends, with Sergio, with Alberto, Carlitos, Marcial and the rest. It was a pitty that I couldn´t be with you and go to Colon, or to the Bernabeu Stadium. Do you remember Spain 3 – 0 Russia in 2008 (It was my first year at University)…or the World Cup in New Mexico. Oh, my god!!! I can´t forget it. Sergio in the floor almost crying and I almost kiss Alberto because the emotion!!! Hahaha. But I don´t want to think about the past, I live the present. Because it´s good, I have good people around me, and cause if I call you to celebrate it with you, you are answering and making me happy.

Yes, I live the present and what I see is that my country is in a big crisis, but there´s crisis everywhere, not only there. Maybe the sport is connecting the people, and making them happy. I live the present and what I see is that…SPAIN IS CHAMPION AGAIN!!!!.




Hahahaha, I was waiting for this. Euro – World Cup – Euro. The first team which got it in the history. The best team ever? I don´t know, but for sure one of the best, and because I live the present I can say that currently it´s the best. And not because I say like this, search in wikipedia and the FIFA Ranking. One day we will loose, of course, but I there´s something that not too much people know. Spain Sub-19 and Sub – 21 they also are Euro Champions. Maybe in some years they´ll be the new Xavi, Iniesta or Casillas.


Today, like everyday, I´m proud of my country. Always there´s something that makes you proud of your origin. In this case the sport, the football. It could seem strange, but it makes me proud to be spanish, specially when you are abroad and miss your past life. Because even when you live the present you remember the past.


And now I let you with funny images about the italian guy who said he was going to make four goals to Spain. It only is a joke. I hope you´ll laugh.









– Translation: He says that he´s going to score 4 times to Spain. He looses 4 – 0.































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