Bine aţi venit la oraş medieval : Sighisoara

Sighisoara  is pearl of all Transilvania and one of oldest city.

The name of city in other languages :


Located in the historic region of Transylvania, Sighişoara has a population of 26,370 according to the 2011 census.

During the 12th century, German craftsmen and merchants known as theTransylvanian Saxons were invited to Transylvania by the King of Hungary to settle and defend the frontier of his realm. The chronicler Krauss lists a Saxon settlement in present-day Sighiṣoara by 1191.

The city played an important strategic and commercial role at the edges of   Central Europe for several centuries. Sighişoara became one of the most important cities of Transylvania, with artisans from throughout the Holy Roman Empire visiting the settlement. The German artisans and craftsmen dominated the urban economy, as well as building the fortifications protecting it.

Central Sighişoara has preserved in an exemplary way the features of a small medieval fortified city, it has been listed by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Each year, a   Medieval Festival takes place in the old citadel in July.

(Information from wikipedia)


Cetate .. The Gate to Medieval Festival square in Sighisoara











 A view of street in Sighisoara ( seems very old )

                                                         A talented portrait artist in Sighisoara ….


                                                   When I have been trying to cook ” sheep mulligan” ( Yahni ) with  Big spoon and surrended by Medieval knights around me 🙂


                                                                 Real ” paper” art with real synthetic cellulose in barrel ..( Artists : Hungarians)


Medieval City : Sighisoara from the top of Clock Tower .. mama.. miaaa amazing..


                                                                                      A modern knight in Sighisoara in downtown 🙂


                                                                                  Famous Clock Tower in Sighisoara with night view ( Cetate)


                                                    Orthadox Trinity Church in Sighisoara …

                                                                   Back to Brasov  by hitch-hiking with ” Mircea” 


Fericit weekend cu toata lumea



sufletul tău 🙂





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