Nebun..! Toate Oameni nebun.. Jealous Brandy and Hungarian Timi and " Modern" oven :)


It must be big chance to find a family.. even from Hungary that we met on pub during conversation … because of Ovidiu 🙂


Me and Kike were in Rakos for Archeological Trip and excursion… to dig and dig as well as we ‘re gonna have fun  🙂

Everything has developed so rapidly… When we  done our activity, we started to thinking about saturday… Big day was so soon and coming.. cuz we were able to stay in ” Timi’s house” 🙂 Timi, 38 years old a woman from Hungary and his ” friend” nicknamed as ” Brandy” by whole village.. we don’t know why 🙂  but we know the best that he is the best fisherman in all racos.. every day he brings a gigantic fish  to his room from lake.. no dixy by him 🙂

His type and his speech reminds to me a ” maco” man who is funny from Turkey whose names ” Recep Ivedik” .. oh goddess.. totally the same 🙂

the biggest speciality of this family, is that so they speak ” hungarian” and very free family.. house is messy..  they really don’t care  🙂

They consume beer as water 🙂 in a place near kitchen always a bottle of beer is ready. cuz Timi is bartender 😉

plus her beauty captivates us .. oh god 🙂  nebun!!! nebun!!

Jokes and humors have exploded  up during we stayed in this house.. Me and Kike .. made  a lot of jokes.. and we laughed till our belly hurts and throat as well 🙂

It was dinner… and she puts a kind of salad.. and we ‘ve asked about what was it..

and she said ”  it is ..  dill, cucumber, onion, gasoline, sugar etc.”

and I said to Kike ” kikos, don’t set on fire on oven, otherwise  we will blow up !!! 🙂

Most pretty part was the lake fish we ‘ve oh surrealistic.. my first fresh fish in all romania and this is second time of Kikos 🙂

Kikos told ” furkan, we’re in dream.. can you punch me to get me up”? 🙂

There was one oven ..which was fucking old.. and on it, was written ” Modern” . I showed this oven to Kikos.. and said ” Look Kikos, it is modern oven !! 😀 but actually it was as old as medieval times  for us .. Miki who is son of Timi.. corroborated well 🙂

Their hospitality was so high and lovely!!

They made us feel at home all the time.. Brandy shown us his fishing rods … that was so big…

Btw, he has one more special talent,  He can carry 3 people on his shoulder at the same time :-), try ittttt, you ‘ll see 😉

There became our second home…

Köszönöm, te olyan kedves
Mi felkeresi Önt
és mi szeretünk :-)

 Repliques :
 Ovidiu : Skuze.. skuze.. I'm sorry.. I'm sorry.. sarcastic.. :)
 Misi : You will put out fire in camp and You'll see very 
 big bear next to you :-)

Alex : Fu- kan.. can I b-ing.. b-ead fo- you? :)
 Chipru : Salut., furkan :)
 Kikos : Are you normal, Nebun, Prietenul meu , muahhhh, 
Surrealistic, Toate.

Doctor : I found already girl in camp, didnt you find yet ?:-)
Ionut : Vreau manele acum cu telephonul tau :-)



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