Summer Activities in Colors!!



We are almost in the middle of August and after the break in the hot temperatures, now we have more hot, more summer and more activities! We just received more company, more volunteers from Turkey, our new partners, Ali and Hassan. They came full of new ideas related to the artistic field and new technologies and we are implementing new and full schedule for the next September and the rest of August.

For the moment, the expectation overcomes the reality because in September, Colors team will receive more international volunteers from Germany, France and Spain!! We will be active around Brasov and sourrounding. But for the moment, let’s focus in the present, in the current activities and the more closer future, that is coming full of energy, surprises and a lot of new people.

First, our Saturdays in Tractorul Park, that will continue till Saturday September 1st. For next Saturday August 18th we have prepared a great Olympic!! We have prepared a lot of sportive activities. It will be awards for the winners!!

Second, Saturday August 25th will take place Hippo Picnic! We are working on activities related with a day in picnic: food, fruits, all the things that composes a picnic basket and making with this idea a lot of handcrafts, paintings, colors, games and more things!!!

Third, on Saturday September 1st will make the closure of our summer weekend activities with a great session of Hyppo, the “Multicultural Hippo”, where we are creating a lot of activities related with cultural differences, discovering another cultures and habits, learning from others….we are still working on this workshop but we promise that will prepare something really funny for all children and teenagers.

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