Make a collection of everything :)

My collection ambition and passion has started years ago … When I was a yet child, I was making collection of football card games, small toy cars, chewing gum labels and stuff like this 🙂

My mom was always complaning it ” Why don’t you throw those stuff into bin instead of keeping them in house?”  I still remember her screams out..

But I never gave up.. from my cards.. cars.. I was hiding them somwhre in home where my mom couldn’t find  🙂 and those memories and collection was persisting till I become high school student


You know, every human must have a goal and must walk for it determinedly. I did this… My dream was to make ” Post card” collection, and not only this… paper money, coins, tickets, catalogs, loto, toto,  stamps, telephone cards with credit…

Now I’m 23 years old and I ‘ve done most of it, and I still continoue to making collection and wanna leave something ” valuable” and ” worthy” for my kids in future.

In my time, 10 years ago , to have a collection was  a way of  influencing the girls, I observe now.. I think It doesn’t work so well like it is used to work :-)) Now girls, they looking at guys who have ” real” car collection..  that is sucked.

and .. most important thing, is that you’d rather make collection of good friendship, emotion, respect, brotherness

because they never break down and stays always vigorous.


Some compilations ! 🙂









My postCards 🙂










Badge, Medal and Coins….

Entrance tickets, Train- Bus-Airplane tickets, Museum cards….










10 Serbian Dinar …


Salut <3>



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