First impression

Bucharest Gara de Nord

One week ago, I landed in Bucarest, again. I lived in Romania when
I was child and 10 years ago, I went to France.
I was so afraid that everything has changed.
In the airport I was so happy to be here, no fears ... just exciting...
when a man who I met in the airplane came to me and said :
"Pay attention here. Don't take the taxi. Recently, a girl disappeared.
Pay attention in the subway, that can be dangerous. Don't trust anybody
in the train station."
Humm, okay, maybe he exaggerates a bit.
Then, in the bus to the train station, a woman came to me and said :
"Take care, the train station is really dangerous, pay attention of you
luggages, and of the people who come talking to you." :-/
And the woman next to me nodded is head like to say : " if you knew..."
Hummm... what's happen, am I really in Bucarest?? I didn't remember
that it was so dangerous to take the train when I was a girl.
If all the people give this kind of advises to the tourists,
they should be really afraid.
Finally, nothing happened and I found the train station that
I knew 10 years ago, with the same ambiance, the same stores, and ...
the same trains.
What? 4.30 hours between Bucarest and Brasov? It's serious?
Yes, it serious, but maybe it's better like that.
In France we don't have the time to see what's happen outside,
but in Romania, the train is so slow that we can admire the lanscape,
 especially between bucarest and brasov,
at the beggining of the mountains, the moment is really magic.

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