The Story of Bottled Water on Top of Tampa Mountain

Want to have a great view over the City of Brasov?
Just choose the narrow path leading you to the top of Tampa Mountain where you will stand next to the huge white letters showing the name of Brasov in Hollywood-style.
It was a really nice hike last sunday. I enjoyed walking under the  beech trees which are slowly becoming part of a autumn forrest.
But suddenly, almost arrived by the vantage point, I was puzzled by a load of emty plastic bottles laying arround besides the path.
Hey, whats going on? Do romanian people not know how to keep their environment clean or at least how to prepare a place of  touristic interest and put up some garbage cans?
Well, home in Germany we have to pay deposit for our plastic bottles and bring them back to the supermarket for recycling. To tell the truth: I do not believe that they will really be recycled, but at least this system keeps rubbish out of the forrests.
You may also like to watch this clip:
Apart from the water bottle incident it was a great afternoon above the city of Brasov.

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