Domogled- Valea Cernei National Park ( Baile Herculane )


1. Location : 

The National Park stretches across over Cerna Mountains and Godeanu Mountains on the right side, and over Vâlcan Mountains and Medinţi Mountains on left (in Retezat-Godeanu Mountains group, subgroup of mountains in the Southern Carpathians), in the Cerna River basin.

Domogled-Valea Cernei National Park with an area of 61.211 ha was declared protected area by the Law Number 5 of March 6, 2000 (published in Romanian Official Paper Number 152 of April 12, 2000) and represents a mountainous area (cirques, mountain peaks, sinkholeslimestone pavementscavespit cavesvalleyswaterfalls), what shelters a large variety of flora  and fauna, some of the species very rarely or endemics.

A view of  Cerna River in Domogled .


 2. Principle Attractions :

In the national park there are more than 30 tourist trails. By hiking these trails, one can enjoy diverse experiences, depending on your preferences.  From the lowest to the highest altitudes, you will be able to experience amazing views of the surrounding mountains and the Corcoaia and Tansa gorges,  as well as the park’s other natural beauties.

        The national park can represent an ideal place for all people interested in flora and fauna, due to its richness in rare, endemic and protected species like chamois, lynx, and bears.  Also, for those tourists who are interested in discovering local traditions, the hamlets within the park and its neighboring villages are excellent locations to fulfill curiosities regarding this matter.

The thermal caves within the national park, in Cerna Mountain, are unique and rare in Romania and the rest of the world. The environmental conditions inside the caves are similar to a tropical climate (350-450 air temperature).  Due to this fact the fauna, stalactites and stalagmites have a unique character.  An example of such a cave is Adam’s cave, which could be declareda scientific reserve for the conservation and study of unique tropical oasis conditions in Romania, for warm air spaces, bat colonies and jellied stalactites.

Another interesting thermal cave is the “Steam Grotto” (14 m in length), in which hot, sulphurous steam (520  – 56C)  comes to  surface from below ground, through a break in a rock. The sounds created by the sulphurous emanations pull our imagination into a complex and curious world.

For Accomodation, We’ve stayed in  Caban on Domogled . You must follow the path to Mountain that is connnected  with a long flat highway can make you confused. On 21. km, you will find this Caban. It depends on how many person you’re , cause in Caban, 12 persons can stay as well .

The Price of one room is 70 RON. If you want to park your car ,  you must pay 10 RON.


                                                                          Grasshopper on branch .. in Domogled .

                                                                                               Famous funguses on trees.


                                                                                      Peak view of Domogled National Park.













                                                                                       Strawhouses in Domogled












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