A free guided tour of Brasov

My roommates and I are always in search of free activities. This time we tested the free guided tour of Brasov. For a little more than 2.30 hours, we visited the main places

of interest of the city.

Of the black church, which owes its name to a great fire that made

its walls black, to the defensive fortifications, we learnt a lot

about the history of Brasov and life in the Middle Ages. The guide

also told us a lot of anecdotes

The story that I prefer? This one of a very unusual statue on the black church roof. It represent a child and the legend says that during the

construction of the church, one of the builders was terribly

jealous of a very talented apprentices. So he pushed him of the

roof of the church. The builders carved the statue in memory of

the child.

Finally, The tour finished at the top of the white tower with

the amazing view of the city. I highly recommend this tour who allows to discover new places

in brasov, and remember, if you go next to the black church,

try to find the statue !

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