Aktive Vulcanoes nearby Brasov?

You drive through the green hills of Romania near by the village Berca and suddenly you recognize a strange kind of landscape: a area without any plants but with perfect shaped miniature vulcanoes.
Vulcanoes? Is it possible? Only 3 or 4 hours driving away from Brasov? Okay, on closer inspection you will discover that no lava is coming out of these vulcanoes but mud and bubbling gas, witch has its origins deep in the earth.
I visited this special nature place, called Vulcanii Noroioşi, on my free day and it was a very good experience.
The try mud forms a  rugged moon-landscape of huge beauty. You stay there for some hours and you can feel the value of an almost wilde, always changing and unique place in the middle of Romania in original colours of silver-grey, light yellow and autumn-red.
What is the most special thing about these vulcanoes? It is the fact that you can visit it without fences. You can walk around everywhere and come close with the muddy phenomenon. In the end you come to the conclusion that you want to respect this place… And wish that other visitors do the same.

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