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Salut !

It has been long time that i didn’t write nothing.. Okay i am not lazy but i don’t find anything to write. Okay maybe i need to talk nonsense 😀

Have you ever heard story of ” the guy who tried to call friends in concert ! ”


2 volunteers who lives in the Braşov ( Sercan and Oggy ) they decided to go to Concert of Red Hot Chili Peppers..Oggy has seen the posters in May and they told about concert to their coordinator Claudia. After long waiting Claudia gave them to confirmation about concert. They bought their ticket, time passed very fast.. Before the speak with concert Oggy has spoke with his friends and decided to call them when playing their favourite songs.. Olga has choosed song ” Under the bridge ”, Carmen has said it doesnt matter, Oggy has choosed for Ruben ” Californication ” and he was thinking to call Claudia when they were playing to ” By the way ”

31.08.2012 :

They went to Bucuresti with their Balkan Flexible ( normally we should have used it 5 times but we used it almost 7 times ) Then they went to National Stadium for Concert.. They had really good dinner out of Stadium..And they started to drink beer in narrow strees.. ( because of prohibition )

When concert starts oggy and Sercan feels more happy..  And when Scar Tissue starts to sing, oggy suddenly called Carmen’s Romanian number… And it was close.. Then he tried Spanish number  and she opened her phone but  music voice was so up and it was impossible to talk from phone..And he didnt close his phone.. He waited a little bit and he put his hand up and waited like that 2 mins..Then closed the phone.. And suddenly olga’s song came…But olga had Polish number in her phone so that i coudnt speak with her ( even if she said she gonna use Romanian number for tonight..) when californication started to play oggy called Ruben…But Oggy heard something from his phone operator..First he coudnt understand then when he heard a word like ‘’ Credit ‘’ he understood that his credit finish… Problem was his credit over..So that he coudnt call Ruben and Claudia. It was sad but at least he made video record 😀

And end of concert Oggy left the concert area with great feelings..

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