Singin' in the Rain

Today is the last day of summer. It looks as the weather knows it and has adapted itself to the calendar. All day long has been raining. The sky has been grey. The wind has been blowing. People have hide themselves under the umbrellas, behind high stand-up collar of jacket and raincoats. And maybe only kids jumping through the puddle have been happy that the autumn is coming.

With the rain appeared small lakes in the streets, cuz of holes in the asphalt. But drivers were like usually driving to fast, didn’t care about those who had less luck and instead of being inside warm car or bus, were walking in the rain. So, on my way from home to bus stop (200metres, no longer) I was splashed 3 times by cars. From head till feet. All my clothes were wet and dirty. I can say that I got today first lesson of “autumn’s survival in Romania”.  The main rule is: keep yourself far away from the street, holes in the asphalt and mad drivers! Otherwise you will have “cold shower”!

Don’t make me wrong, I know sometimes is hard to stay dry when it’s raining. And I know that some situation are unpredictable and it’s normal, that I will get wet, if rain catch me unprepared without umbrella. Even more, I really like dancing in the rain. But, it should be me who decide when and where! 😉 It makes me difference if I’m wet because of myself or if somebody (inside a car protecting himself from the rain) doesn’t care about others and their health.

Is it so difficult to think not only about ourselves? Can we adapt speed to the weather and street’s conditions? Va rog!

To make this lesson less bitter I want to introduce you Gene Kelly from the very old movie “Singin’ in the rain”. Despite of the cold shower in the morning, the song from this movie made my day! I hope that it will also make you smile 😉




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