Super size me! :)

I can’t deny that during our excursions  we were not eaten so satisfactory , may be we couldn’t control the budget, but the fact that , I have lost almost 13 kilos in 5 months, I melted 🙂

Trouser that I used to wear was a tight for me, now, they’re bigger and bigger and I need to use belt! , lol T-shirts are fit on me, and rest of every costume… It is good thing cause when I made shopping, I don’t look for XXL anymore, when I found Medium size, I can able to buy 🙂


I decided to stay and keep on like this, not mounting up , it is not a good thing. In turkey, may be no body know this but we have obosity problem more than america, ok may be United States bigger but Turkey is not small country , so when rated, we still have fat people, even in more danger, cause, we started to eat Mcdonalds, Pizzas together with Kebab and vegetables with filled with oils and salts.  ( Salt and Oil and sugar is indispensable for Turkish people unfortunetly even tough we have motto saying keep away from 3 white things ; Salt, sugar and flour  but in action, we don’t put into practise, that’s other story )

Anyways, I recommend  to you to keep your fit body 😉 to be able to run without getting tired,  is an awsome thing. In our organization, we have supportive girls that I want to mention,; Carmen is good runner, Anna is good swimmer and Olga is good chocalate eater , but it is also kinda suport 🙂

I’m back to brasov after almost 20 days, I cooked very delicious and health things, I’m glad now  😉

Then, ” Let Brasov Super Size me” !!

Cause I know If I do activity , I will lost kilo again , so I’m not worried 😉

Some photos of my foods you will find below, enjoy it looking at them!


Bon Apetit! Pofta Buna! Afiyet Olsun!





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