Bodylanguage doesn't need translation

Whatever you thought what this blog will be about: It is about dancing. ; )
At the beginning of the month  Jennifer and me joined a Dance Cource for learning set-pattern dance and Latin American Dance. I am a very beginner and had never before any experiences in these dances. I decided to use my evs-freetime for practicing something new.
First I wrote some mails with the teacher. She can speak english and gave my some explinations about the course which is – of course – carried out in romanian. So I was looking forward to understanding nothing…
What I discovered is this: It was not necessary to understand the words, because the teachers showed everything, not only the steps but also the mistakes, so I knew what I should avoid. In addition the assistants and the other participants could speak english and helped me a bit.
Finally the first dance lessons were much fun and very interesting even if it was difficult to remember the steps. And naturally it is a nice possibility to get in touch with locals.
The teachers are very nice people and I believe i choosed a good school. This is their website:

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