happy together

Mario and Clara are together from 9 months ago. They meet for first in a common friend’s birthday. Clara was drinking a milkshake and Mario a whisky with ice. Their glances crossed in a certain point through the space of the room. The game started with a smile, and from here, they knew as professionals how to look for a meeting point, just in the corridor which connected the kitchen and the bedroom. Good strategic point.

At the beginning, she pretended to be dizzy and he pretended to be hungry. So, it can be said that this history is highly emotional since they started loving each other through primary feelings, among the fatigue and famine. Dreams and food always played an important role during their time together.

–          Excuse me, do you know where is the kitchen? I heard that the hosts prepared a good Sicilian pizza, Mario said.

–          Oh, I think that it’s at the end of this corridor. Someone told me about a delicious strawberry cake, answered Clara.

–          Ah! Maybe some people like to start the dinner eating the dessert, he said.

–          Ja, Ja, Ja! – that’s sounds good. Furthermore, fits well with my drink.

–          Aha!…a friend told me that this is typical around the South-East countries of Europe.

–          Mmmm…..I have never heard about this custom. But I my next trip should be through the South-East countries of Europe.

Six months later, Mario and Clara traveled through Istanbul, Ankara, Capadoccia and the island of Cyprus, over the Mediterranean ocean. Their flight made scale in Bucharest for twelve hours and they decided to go till the center and take something to drink. They were walking around Piata Uniri and the Parlament. They discussed how to use their time here, because Clara had plans for seeing some museums. Mario complained because the time was limited and he preferred only walking a bit around the city. Finally, they were in Lipscani, the oldest part of the city, and sat into a restaurant overlooking the street. Clara sighed while playing with her hair and when the waitress came she ordered a sandwich of vegetables. Mario ate an hamburger with chips. On the table, she had carefully prepared a lot of schedules and maps, even a GPS in the case of renting a car. Mario, however, was reading a book about Mustafa Kemal-Atatürk, a famous Turkish emperor during the twenty century.

–          I am so exciting Mario, I think that this is the first time so far from home.

–          Don’t worry babe, all is under control.

–          But you are so relax, Do you feel anxiety for discovering new places?

–          And you, why are so nervous? Did you travel before somewhere?

–          Hey! mister self-confident, excuse me, but we are traveling to a country with 75 million of inhabitants, without any idea of this culture. I like to be spontaneous but not careless!

–          Do you suggest that I am imprudent? Come on Clara, and you, are you spontaneous? Don’t make me laugh….you brought a GPS, that’s not the perfect example of  an exciting journey.

–          Don’t make me upset Mario, you didn’t prepare anything….

–          Ok babe, sorry, sorry so much. I love you, really. Excuse my stupid words, I am sure that we’ll have a perfect trip. Sincerely, I really need this holydays. This is our second trip and I want to discover this country and eat a lot of desserts, starting from you.

–          You  are so lovely Mario, you make me crazy.I love you. But, let’s go! The plane will take off!

When they arrived to Istanbul, they took a taxi till the hotel. Clara opened the suitcase and settled all her clothes slowly and carefully into the wardrobe. She took a short shower, called to her mother, checked the weather and put the Tv to see the international news. Mario took a shower, shaved and changed his clothes. He opened the window, served a beer from the mini-bar and checked some flyers about restaurants, tours around the city and night clubs.

Istanbul was fun, Clara took a lot of photos and Mario chose good restaurants for eating. They ate lot of sweets before the dinner, even Clara took two kilos during their first week in Istanbul. Her metabolism works slowly and when she eats a lot of sweets, become fat in a short time! Each two days she used to complain bitterly when they were into the bed. Mario took her around his arms and very slowly repeated into her ears: – don’t worry babe, for me you are the best, the most beauty woman in this world. In this moment, Clara always breathed and fell in a deep dream.

The journey continued around Capadoccia, Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and they finished in Cyprus. Claudia laughed a lot and forgot her problems with the weight. Mario made the trip an authentic adventure with his jokes and histories about the historical past of the country. His speech about the Turkish conquers sounded as gold poems for Clara, who constantly repeated: “we are happy together”.  They arrived to Cyprus. The island was as a real Itaca for them, where the time vanished, where they talked about serious plans together,happy together. They dreamed being queen and king in a foreign land, but owners of the most richness unknown empires. But, as the most important bestsellers or the longest awful books, all the histories have an end, and this trip, too. The last day, Clara meticulously prepared her baggage, checked again the schedule  and bought some sandwiches for the lunch. Mario decided to sleep a bit more. He took a fast shower and fought as a warrior in order to close the suitcase. Before the departure, they decided to have the breakfast in a small bar which Mario discovered two days before, when they were coming back to the hotel after a party night. The bar was located to a hundred meters to the beach. It was designed with exotic plants and color crystals. Chairs were made by white leather and simulated the minimal style of the Bauhaus. Mario had a sharp style.

–          Tell me, you really love me Clara?

–          Yes

–          But tell it to me, what does it means yes, tell it to me again…

–          I love you Mario, more than ever.

–          That’s great baby, I love you, too.

Mario stood up and went to the bar. In this moment, a beautiful woman crossed the room and he looked her for a few seconds. It was one of the most beautiful women who he had ever seen. For first time since he started with Clara, only for one minute, Mario really wished her. Clara saw the scene, his eyes, and became quite jealous.

–          What does it means, Mario?

–          What, baby?

–          What? You know perfectly.

–          Come on, it was only a glance, she crossed in front of me. She is beautiful, that’s all.

–          Yeah, beautiful, but tell me: do you wish her? Do you want her?

–          What? Are you crazy babe? Of course, not. I told you that I love you babe.

–          I don’t believe you. You made the same in the restaurant in Cappadocia, in the toilet yesterday night…. would you like to stay with several women, isn’t it? What will you do with your friends? I know men like you, you only think in one thing…..

–          Come on, don’t become irrational.

–          Love is irrational Mario.

–          No Clara, passion is irrational, but not love.

–          And what is love without passion? You can conceive an authentic relation with a hundred per cent of rational thinking? Because me not. We are monkeys, still animals.

–          Don’t be so dramatic. I promise you that I didn’t feel anything, she is nice and nothing more.

–          I think that I am not prepared for a serious relation with you, I’m sorry. I think that you need to satisfy your ego with  an established relation, but I am not sure if you can be loyal.

–          Clara, I can’t believe you, but you are not the only woman in the universe. I have eyes and these kinds of things are normal, even coherent. You should control your emotions.

–          Our relation was born thanks to our emotions, don’t cut our reason of being together. Fuck you Mario, I don’t want to see you anymore.

–          Baby, come on, let’s talk about it.

–          I am so sad, so empty……….I don’t know if this trip has any positive sense.

–          But how can you say something like that?

–          I think that I hate you, but very strongly.

–           You hate me, and why are you with me? I really don’t understand you. Do you have the menstruation?

–          You don’t understand women. You don’t know anything, it is very intense.

–          Now, I feel good baby, thank you for your attention, really I love you.

–          Me too Mario, it’s only that……… let’s go back to the room. We still have forty minutes till the next bus.

–          What do you want to do baby?

–          I need to hug you, to tell you something.

–          What?

–          Let’s keep always together Mario, always, happy together.


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