Let's sing with us ! :)

Hello, sanatate! 🙂

For the 20 of October , saturday evening from 17.00 pm up to 20.00 pm , we invite you all to our karaoke fun activity!

Whoever takes microphone on his/her hand, will try to sing her/his best and show off on stage!

There will be juri who I selected before, Sercan, Kike and Mahila very important persons for competitors 🙂  They will give points from 1 to 10 for competitors who will sing max. 2 songs. The juri will be neutral and will do their best!

The duty falls on competitors because, they need to perform well and impress everyone in saloon.  but take it easy!  Enjoy it while singing. I created  already playlist and everyone will find suitable song for themselves. There are Romanian songs as well, especially for those who prefers to sing in Romanian ( may be can’t speak or spell it in english very well )

Depending on number of participant, there will be one winner or there will be second and third winner as well . For that reason, we ‘re expecting your participation more and more 😉












Those who are interested in, we kindly wait you to     Str. Mircea cel Bătrân nr. 4, Brasov.

In the end of the  night, if people wish, they can make duet and feat as well , they’re free to do  or if they want to add some songs that is not on playlist, they can easily add and sing it.

Thank you for your time and let’s sing with us!




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