The Road of the Dead – Part 2

Can you remember Mahilas and Jennifers Blog about the Hiking, which was called “The road of the dead”?
Believe me, this was nothing compared with a real dangerous “Road of the Dead” which we discovered last weekend at Sapte Scarii Waterfalls!
The Waterfalls are a very beautiful piece of romanian nature in the Mountains near Brasov. You arrive the place walking one hour through wet forrest with a dark scent of earth and so green like not many forrests are –  a lot of trees and rocks are overgrown with moss. When you arrive at the waterfalls you see the entrance of a small canyon and a old metal ladder. – Yeah, correct: If you want to enjoy the waterfalls more intensive you have to climb next to them inside the canyon!
A sign in front of the canyon was warning about the dangerous way, but because I am I brave girl of course I wanted to go ; ) Praying a last time to god and enter the canyon! Okay, go there only if you like old rusty ladders with missing stairs which are probably older than you and moving while climbing. Oh, and you shouldn’t be afraid of watching down 12 meters to the bottom of the canyon while the waterfalls are touching you like a soft shower.
Wow! When you arrive at the and of this “way of the dead” and calm down again you feel that you had a very intensive connection with the nature of romanian mountain area.

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