Well done! Victory! Brasov is saved now!






   We have good news for you! Since last Saturday Brasov hasn’t been ghost town any more. The fearless vampires killers defeated ghost and company from hell, sending them back to the dark side. On the way to the victory they had to dance with zombie, whisper with ghost, prove that they were stronger then werewolf and more clever then Dracula, even if they hate sudoku! At least, when the all mission were completed. All “magic” objects, which had to protect them, were gathered and new, music skills were learned, they became strong, clever, fast and cunning enough, to beat the beasts.




















The last battle took place on the Piata Sfatului. There, close to the fountain, the door to the death world appeared suddenly, almost with the last sunbeam. Our defenders surprised unwelcoming visitors determination visible on their painted faces. Dark colors of scary make-up, bruises and scares covered their faces made them more powerful and formidable.

Completely shocked monsters were unable to make any movement. They just stayed frozen like an ice monuments. So defenders smelled in this their chance on victory. They started to play music using recycling instruments. But it wasn’t nice melody! Players knew that the first thing which monsters hate just after people and love is noise. Although they are wild beast they can appreciate beauty of music and have very sensitive ears. They couldn’t stand noise. It forced them to pass the door and go back to the hell…

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