Romana pentru toți ( Dansul Romana)

In the life, sometimes there is no enough suprise and sometimes we humans waiting and expecting enormous  things as we can’t find. The life is settled up to be confused and to live the moment.  Visualization is most important. People want to see, feel , want to  experience.  As you see, Romana pentru tot, dansul romana was one of the such great activity that occured on saturday.  I was volunteer in Casa muresenilor and last three days I was with them and they let me know each step of this activity. This activity has been prepared since 2 months with extraordinary efforts.  Foremost,  with contributions of ” Administratia fondului  cultural national” that is supported and funded this activty and provided it is realized. we’re thankful to them. ( AFCN )

Secondly, in fact most important part that organized and efforted by crew of ” Casa MURESENILOR” foremost,  Dear, Dr. Valer Rus( Manager), Ovidiu, Cristina Seitz, Marinela Barna, Rodica, Viorica, Tanya and Lorena supported and helped so much and worked hard this activity to realize.

Thirdly, special thanks to Prof. ARIANA BUCUR that is inspector scolar general.  She brought lovely students and youngsters so that danced in square and was one of organizator as well. Thank you to Codlea Municipality and Judetului Brasov. 

Fourthly, Thank you to my organization ” As. Colors” that gave me chance and opportunity to be a part of this remarkable dancing activity. I didn’t dance but I made people dance among them 🙂

how lucky we’re that weather were great around 20 degrees and people had fun..  we set sound systems and put rolls up on wall of history museum. Cristina grapped camera and went further to see all people.  At exactly 2 pm, most of  over 100 persons in pairs  in Piata Sfatului started to dancing by Romanian rhtym. All dancer were dancing in harmony. and smiles on faces…. Costumes were so colorful.. some female costumes sounded to me like ” bride costumes” .  Bow tie of Raul was never -to – be forgetten 🙂 he knows this .  By the way, he stucked his mind on my  ” voluntary card” that attached on my chest 🙂  he grapped it and said” it is so nice furkan, in the end, he tried to give my card to me back and I said” it can stay with u , but make people believe he is you :))

Each volunteers as far as I met and I knew were there .  To encourage people who came for dancing, Casa Muresenilor prepared ” DIPLOMA” for participants . and in the end of dance, people got diploma. Now they’re just certified ” Romanian dancers” :-))

This activity was not only fun, but also merged and integrated people who lives in Brasov city. In terms of this,  it was big deal and success.   Thank you for all !  See you next time,



have a nice weekend! 

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