The Sound of Jazz Music

The Backyard Jazz Orchestra consists of a multi cultural team of musicians from Germany, Romania, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, Austria and Bulgaria. Last weekend they presented their talents in the Opera of  Brasov.
I went there with Mahila and Sercan to enjoy the sound of this lively, strong and happy music. The Opera was pretty crowded. We bought almost the last available tickets and sat down in the comfy red armchairs, leaned back and dived into the tones of a saxophone and two guitars which opened this long evening ( The concert started at 7 pm, consisted of 3 different parts and one 20 min break and finished around 10:45 pm). The music was wonderful, the musicans were happy and motivated. We listened enthusiastically. Finally we also had different opinions about the seconed part: A woman was singing, accompanied by piano and double bass. I liked it very much but it was boring for Mahila. But during the last part, when the whole orchestra began to play we concured that it was great!
Check the orchestra out here:
I used a picture from this website:


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