I was in the cave of Rasnov and…There was one bear.

I was searching the house of the other volunteers, I had a dinner, there was night, there wasn’t anybody, and I looked to the trash. And… there was a bear!

I was reading the Brasov tourist guide and… One bear.

All these bears are imagination that I had.  I thougt that it was real but not.

The first was a photo in the cave with a bear.

The second was a very brown big dog.

And the third was a photo in the guide.


In my life, sometimes I wish something, I think about it with all my power, I visualize it and after it happens.

I think that we have a power, a secret, or a intuition. I’m not a crazy, I’m not a warlock, but I belive in the power of our mind, the power of our feelings and the power of our thinking.

When I want to park my car in the city and I was positive and I thouht that the place was where I wanted, finally I parked my car there.

When I have one exam, and I haven’t time to prepare very good, I think about differents questions that it would be probably and many times I pass my exams. My friends tell me that I have luck.

These two example of the power when you are positive. During many years I don’t know the explanation, but when I read “The secret” by Ronda Byne, I feel identified about it. It’s a interesting book, that it can to help to be positive.

The bears is an example of that. When I wish to see the bears, this happen, in the photo, in the guide or as a big dog! Probably in the future they will appear, I hope that they aren’t agressive with me!


Why bears?

Actually I live in Brasov, It’s a very important city of the Carpathian mountains. The brown bear is the most important animal that live here, because they are the 60% of the bears in Europe.

And finally I post some photos about the bears and about the first Carpathian mountain that I’ve walked up.

Juangui Clavo

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