The road of the dead 3 ? Not really…

So, as you  know, or maybe not, Mahila and me we don't like so much
walking. But, the last weekend, I really don't know why, we where very
motivated. When Mireille asked us to visit a cave close to Rasnov with
her, we didn't hesitate. So, we checked the way on google maps.
Problem ... it tell us that we have to walk 8 Km to the cave.
After a little time of reflexion, we decided to try the experience.
Then, we started the trek, early in the morning, with a lot of
motivation, and after only 1 km, a miracle happened. A sign announcing
the famous cave at only 500 m. Thanks Google!

Valea Cetatii cave

After 30 minutes of walking and a bit disapointed that the way was so
short ( yeah yeah, I wrote "disapointed", maybe because we start to
become profesionnal walkers ;-p ), we arrived to Peștera Valea Cetatii.
This cave was discover in 1949 and open to the public in 2010. Even if
it's pretty small, the 2500 m2 of the principal room allows to discover
a multitude of stalactites and stalagmites of differents size ( which
one who measure more than 2 m ) and be immersed in a special atmosphere.
The 15 minute tour guarantee to have the feeling of being in another

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