Onto complexity of world languages and Turkish

Languages … have been created thousand years ago… first human being were writing and typing of their desires, wishes, purposes on the stone walls..and they discovered ” the voice” . Then they screamed out as strong as they can do…. and noticed that someone understands and responding them in same way.

Conquests of continents gave us possibility to ply a trade with others as well as we recognized their languages, gestures, moves, motions etc. Culture was not so concentrated and stiff  years ago. Right now, so called ” every nation” has its own specific language named  as mother tongue. Nevertheless, could we tell that no language was influenced by each other?  I don’t think so.  Even countries which are geographically too far from one another, could have similar words and expressions.  In Turkish , we say ” Bir dil, bir insandir ” ( One language is one human being&  O limbă este un om)  that ‘s definitely   true.  I was not thinking that  Romanian language have some slavic based words in their language, but yes it is .

Or another example is ok.. I knew that Romanian language includes Turkish words, but I couldn’t imagine this much.  Yet we know that we have french language influence on us too .  Do you wanna be suprised right now? then be ready  🙂

Torba is a turkish origined word.. means ” bag , pocket” and in Polish torba means” pocket ” too ? oh yes it does. 🙂 Do you know what is ” tavan”?  tavan is a turkish word that means ceiling or roof and Romanian people says tavan too. The word ” bilete” it is considered to be ” russian or slavic” what I believe. Bilet means ticket. but for example Czech people says  ” vystupenka”  as polish and Russian people says ” bilet” 🙂 In turkish, we also say bilet. I think this word is one of most rare word that we obtained from russian language 🙂

Recently, in Turkish what we do is , we take a latin word and changing end of word and putting more likely ” us, as , es” and making  it like turkish . All scientific terms are like this.  Do you wanna know how we call segmentation? look : segmentasyon 🙂  and how we call ” international” ?  = enternasyonel .. in a nutshell , we call all words that ends with -ation, we change it a bit and it is being our word,  congratulations ! 🙂


If you’re curious, let me tell the similar or same words between Romanian and Turkish language.

Autobus :  Otobüs  , Taxi : taksi , Cüzdan ( wallet ) , çizme(boots) , papuç ( shoes) , şapka ( hat= also hungarian people says sapka) , Kravat ( tie * it is a slavic word I guess) , Çarşaf ( sheet), gazeta ( romanian people says ziar too but in latin countries this word is very popular)  , Cam (glass or window, but romanians write like geam),  Garnitur( garnish, garniture) , sarmale ( we say  sarma or dolma),  Pıras or Pırasa ( leek), Blüz ( blouse) , …

According to one linguistic research that made about origin of Turkish language gives us some statistics,  see :



Strongest affection in Turkish language by order as top 7  is  as follow ;

Arabic : 6454 words

French : 5180

Persian :  1361

Italian : 610

English :  451

Greek : 422 and Latin :  77

Let’s keep on a bit more word’s similarities 🙂   Ceai ( cay ),  cablu ( kablo), furtuna (   firtina) , bacsis ( bahsis), babalac ( babalik), beizadea ( beyzade), arnaud ( arnavut ),  bardac ( bardak), baltag ( balta),  bigi-bigi ( cici bici), becher( bekar), Bostan( Bostan), Briceag ( Bicak)  etc..

I recommend you  when you hear a word as you’re outside, or see some words you think it is similar to your mother tongue, don’t waste time, run for dictionary and find meaning, may be this word you learned will save your life:)

For those who are interested in words and meanings, this website is useful : http://dexonline.ro/


Iyi haftasonlari ! Have a great weekend!  Bon weekend!  Ein schönes Wochenende!  tener un buen fin de semana ! Miłego weekendu 🙂






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