The most handsome guy in Brasov…

Hey people!
I want to introduce a very handsome guy I met in Brasov two weeks ago. He is tall, has got long curly blond hair and a pretty face. He is a party-boy and unfortunatly kind of vain and narcissistic.
Well, I didn’t meet him in a Pub or Coffee-Bar, not at the swimmingpool or the dancelesson, not at work. I met him in the Library,  just by chance. He is not romanian, in fact he is english. To be honest: I met him before in Germany (seems like he loves travelling so much) and he is… a character in a novel. His name is Dorian Gray.
Yea…One of my favourite novels is “The picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde. The german translation I read several times because I like the dialogues which are funny because of ironic and paradox ideas. And it is a varied story: You find love and murder, some kind of unrealistic happening and everything… It is about a guy who loves his own beautiful appearance to much and when his friend, a painter, finished his portrait, Dorian expresses his wish to stay forever young and beautiful and the painting should alter instead. Somehow his wish becomes reality…
In the english library I found the book and decided to read it now in original language. Since it is a very short novel of only 250 pages and since I knew the plot very well,  I thought  it would be  a good idea to start with “Dorian Gray” reading english books what I never tried before. And it was. Even if I couldn’t understand every word and I also missed the meaning of some expressions or phrases I could follow the story very well. It was a pleasure to have this contact with English in a novel … and to have this contact with a handsome guy =P


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