The price of Money


Hassan always was dreaming with a bike. He sought it for first on the way to the school. From long ago Hassan used to take the bus. His father was driver and had lots of friends into the field. Because of this, he could take the bus all day for free. However, since Hassan had started seventh grade, he wanted to go by walking. This was a personal decision that his parents, at the beginning, couldn’t understand very well. The school was almost 45 minutes far from his home and it meant an extra effort. But Hassan took this decision and nothing could change his brain. For him, this walking to the school was the most peaceful moment of the day. Furthermore, he felt that this activity made his body stronger and healthy.

In the second semester, Hassan decided to change his path. From the first day he used to take the same track and he wanted to try a small change. The streets around his neighbor were ordered and this factor didn’t represent a waste of time or any risk. He was walking around a long street and then, beyond the crystal, he saw the bike of his dreams. It was like a perfect skeleton; a real incarnation of the speed made by light aluminum. It was painted in black and red. The wheels were perfectly adapted to the mountain and pedals were reinforced with an especial protection.

After the school, he came running to home and told to his parents that he wanted to get this bike. At the beginning, Hassan was so emotive that even he didn’t ask them. His speech sounded like an order. He was interrupting constantly to his parents, creating the most creative answers in order to convey the most convincing arguments and benefits that the bike would give to him: “ you don’t think so? This is a great invest!”. No one existed around him, nothing could stop him. He had clear idea about what he wanted.

Suddenly, his father told him: “come with me, I will help you to get your dreams”. In this moment Hassan felt the happiest person around the world. Both of them got in the bus and took the way to the shop. However, the bus changed its path and Hassan asked to his father what was going on. Before his father answered, the doors opened and they got out of the bus, just in front of a bazaar. At the beginning, Hassan didn’t understand nothing. His father had a big bag full of lemons and he gave it to Hassan and said: “go there baby, sell the lemons and when you finish, I will be waiting for you at home. Bye”. Hassan couldn’t believe. Was it real? Why was his father doing this? Why to sell those lemons? What does it mean?…..

Hassan did it. He was working four hours without stop into the bazaar. When he checked the money he got from the transaction, he felt depressed. With this money only could buy a wheel, no more. He tough: “so much effort and time…and I only got this small amount of money. This is not fair. I hate my father”. Hassan was so upset. He ran to home, took the money from his pocket and put it on the table. His parents were sitting in the kitchen. They were taking some snacks and seeing the Hassan’s face. He was between flushed and furious. He hit the table with his right fist and said: here is the money. After, he turned and disappeared. He couldn’t understand why his parents did it, why they wanted to humiliate him in this horrible way.

One week later, Hassan was preparing to go to the school. But that day, he is not going by walk. In front of his house, he found a black mountain bike: it was a perfect skeleton, a real incarnation of the Speed made by light aluminum.

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