My results from Creative Writing

The Creative Writing last week was a very motivating activity for me. You can find inspiration in different things… in a photo of a cow which is looking through an open window inside a room where a newspaper is laying on a table… or in the pieces of a songtext, creating something new only from this words… here are my results:
Can the animals read our thoughts? That’s what I’m asking myself. Maybe they do, ’cause I can’t imagine them reading our newspapers. And yes, they seem to understand us so well… Maybe they eat our newspapers and in their stomach all the letters become free and go through the blood to the brain. ‘Cause what else is the brain than chemistry and what else than chemistry are the printed words? Anyway, I don’t find a solution. Maybe my cat finds one ’cause everytime I ask her: “Let’s sit down in the arm-chair for reading the paper?” she looks up to me with a face like she already did.

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