There are something that money can't buy

Today, I was in Free things day in Brasov. As I know , this day just came after  black Friday ( I don’t know why it is called black tough ) A lot of website , worldwide famous brands made promotions and campaigns in prices.  Romania also got benefit of it.  The world is under the rule of capitalist order. And It turnt into  a big monster that eats everything barely. Sharing feeling, helping others are not simple things.

with this belief, a group of people gathered and created website and to make people conscious more about helping other and decreasing consuming and to avoid from throwing second-hand , used items , rather than giving out to people when needed.  They call to this movement in Romanian ” Bazar cu Lucruri Gratis” .

All items they brought today was impressive.. people flocked much as I counted… they liked items.. so did I .  There was clothes, shoes, food,  electronics, suveniers, necklaces, books , man’s  wear, woman’s weat etc.

It is big chance for volunteer people like us to get this in brasov when we needed the most 🙂 I also helped them in the end of  day.. I met nice people for example Vlad who is DJ in radio and with his small boy 🙂

Hope next month in december it will repeat again , we wait all Brasov! 😉

Good weekend

To be continued…



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