Focuri de artificii – Revelion 2013 in Bucuresti

Focuri de artificii – Revelion 2013 in Bucuresti 
Have you been in your capital one time for silvester? No? Me neither. I guess, the silvester shows in Berlin are really interesting but I never went there. Insteat of this I saw now the people of Bucuresti celebrating the start in 2013. First time in a capital, but not in mine.In Piata Constitutiei, which is – with the Parliamentspalace in the background – a really good place for a silvester show, concerts and animation were going on the whole evening. Finally: the obligatory countdown. This time in romanian language – I had to be focused very well to count correctly backwards. The countdown endet in a great professional firework, which was illuminating Piata Constitutiei for 15 min. It was extraordinary impressing in conection with the good instrumental music and it was a beautiful first visual sensory impression of the new year.

La Multi Ani Romania!

If you want to know how it was check the link below. … but reality is more beautiful of course.


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