enjoy making friendship bracelets

one of our last workshops was the friendship-bracelet-workshop. my collegues and me tought around 15 people how to create bracelets from different colorful wool. the technic has its origins in southamerica and is very easy. you need to learn only one type of knot. you will repeat it again and again to create different patterns. we explained two different patterns which are less complicated for beginners. for some people it was really easy. they already knew the technic and were very fast and creative. others tried this for the first time, but we didn’t even need to help everybody seperatly because the participants were in a good mood, talkative and helped each other as well. It was a nice atmosphere and in the end people were happy about their results. now they can give the bracelet as a present to their friends…


photo credit: http://cdn.honestlywtf.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/friendship82.jpg

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