March activities with the elderly


The beginning of March arrived with two interesting activities for and with Colors‘ seniors.

A few days before the 1st of March, we met with them in Mansarda Baiulescu in order to create self made “Martisoare” for friends or family. While I started to get desperate about the sticking, sewing and cutting after felt 5 minutes, our elderly didn’t even need a full instruction for creating a Martisoara and could do it all by themselves.

In the end of the activity, all of us made a (more or less…) beautiful Martisoara which is probably now in the hands of lucky friends.

Yesterday, the volunteers and elderly were in the mood for playing. Bingo, chess, Dixit and a game including a wood tower became part of Tuesday morning.

However, this was only the warm up for the party on Friday for “Ziua femeii” which is going to start at 4 pm in Colors’ office, Mircea cel Batran no 4 – we are curious to see what the elderly planned for this evening!2 3

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