All these things that make me laugh…

I am someone who likes to observe a lot. In movies, I always enjoy to spot video editing errors or surreal scenes. But the funniest is that, it’s not only in the movies you can see things a little bit surprising and not always logical.
Here are some of the pictures of what I saw in Brasov!


So, let start with a very strange logo found on the door of a shoping center.

You cannot smoke inside. This, ok I understand. But, don’t go to the shops with you gun !? If someone can explain me…


Yeah, so apparently, you can find fishes bigger than humans in the small lac of the noua parc.


10…11…12…13…14…15…15 again…


At first, nothing special, but if you look a bit more attentively the models, you can see something strange. Or maybe it’s just the new tendance for next year !



And to finish, this sad funeral car with a very happy number plate, “fun”.

You also have to know that in the same street, you can find another funeral shop, and this time, on the car plate is written “hel”.

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