Middle of Mountains

Well i am in Brasov almost 21 days..Before i came here, i tried to search something about here but all information was the same.. Then i had some doubts about here but i think that i feel like i am in home now 🙂 I really like this city. Brasov has a mysterious beauty. I mean this city is small one but atmosphere is amazing. And it has the same problem with other cities on the planet ” too many car ” ! But to be honest trafic rules & polite drivers are better than in my country.. 🙂  When i think about my first 3 weeks, it’s quite good. I ate my best dinner in Brasov with other volunteers a few days ago.. ( Lucian is great cooker ! ) And First time in my life i have been on ice rink  ( Okay i know you gonna think like ” dont you have snow in your country ? or ice rink? or winter ? ” exactly i live in west coast of  Turkiye so that i ve seen last snow in my city almost 5 or 6 years ago.. 🙂 And i guess that European people usually are being sick of tired to see snow every winter but in my city if we see some snow we go to outside then snow fights or try to make snowman with our little snow pieces ! But anyway I am here till next february so i am gonna see enough snow !!! )

I started to ice ski like that…..


1 min later.


I cant wait to go there again.. Maybe i should say thanks to Anna 1 more time cuz i really enjoyed there. And i am happy that nobody was doing ice skating and noone didn’t see how many time i have kissed the floor.. 🙂

Everything was great but I never understood about time. I didn’t notice that how time pass fastly in here..I still remember like yesterday, my mom was crying at airport when i went to the plane. Accually when i think about it, it still too sad but i am happy here. And i think i am working in great job and with great people ! Absolutely i believe in it’s the most important thing. So i think i am in the right place = ) First 2 week was too important for me so that i tried to learn everything about our job, language, culture and about Brasov. As i understand about in this city, people are helpful and they can try to help if you need something. And most of them i think which i met, they able to speak english. But actually this is not enough because we should learn Romanian. And if i live in a different country, of course i should learn their language or try to talk..Because it’s respectful thing i guess. We will be here almost 1 year so i think i can do it..i wish…i hope…we will see… 😀

By the way i still coudn’t learn how to cook.. I listened some descriptions from master hands but… Just need some brave to try it 🙂

Best of Oggie’s

1-   Pasta

2-   Rice / Soupmix

3-   Chocolate with bread


I hope this list gonna change as soooooooooooon as possible 🙂

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