We are from Poland, don´t panic!

Claudia asked us to make a short presentation about our countries.  And I was wondering what my colleagues know about Poland. The answers surprised me a bit:

–         Artur Boruc, the goalkeeper, but you don´t have a good national team – said Oggy

–         You don´t know how to play football – agreed Kike – And you have a very difficult history full of battles and wars – he added

–         Henryk Sienkiewicz. I really enjoyed reading his historical-adventures books. Hoever I couldn´t remember the names of characters. They all ended with a “– ski”  – Carmen said.

–         I know one handsome polish actor, Daniel Olbrychski – said woman from Thursdays meeting – I would like to know how does he look now.

Especially for the “Thursday lady” and friends from Colors, short a summary about polish history, cinema and football.

Yes, Kike is right. We are a very brave nation. In the past we fought with all of our neighbors. Even our animals used to be brave. I´m sure that you don´t know that during the Second World War in the Polish II Corps was a bear called Wojtek.

Unlucky in the XVIII century our neigbhors were stronger than we. Poland was split into three parts, between:  Russia,  Prussia (nowadays Germany) and Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and disappeared from the map of  Europe for 123 years.

We wouldn’t be Polish if we hadn’t  fought to get back independence. But it was bad time for us. Every uprising have been qelled. We tried to keep our nationality through our culture. Fryderyk Chopin, the famous polish composer, based his music on polish folklore. By the way, his father was French, so we… have been fighting with French about his nationality – of course!

Jan Matejko, the historical painter, who lived at the turn XIX/XX century, depicted only the greatest moments from our history, on his pictures. In literature – Henryk Sienkiewicz, “polish Alexander Dumas”, wrote almost only historical adventures books, which – at first – had been published in newspapers as a serial novels. The most famous of his book is “QUO VADIS” – about first Christians and Neron, who burned Rome down. Sienkiewicz won the Nobel Prize for this work. He ideally mixed historical facts with adventures and romances. In Poland we love him for “The Trilogy” – novels composed with “With Fired and Sword”, “The Deluge” and “Fire in the Steppe”. It is about not always easy polish army victories  during the XVII century (We have been fighting against Cossacks, Sweden and Ottoman Empire.  Haven’t I mentioned, that we are a very brave nation? 😉

In 1969 director Jerzy Hoffman decided to adapt “Fire in the Steppe”. One of the main characters – the wild, handsome and cruel Azja Tuhajbejowicz, was played by Daniel Olbrychski. After this movie he became popular not only in Poland, but also in the rest countries of communism block. I suppose, in Romania too. He can play both contemporary and  period roles. His heroes are usually energetic men in action, dynamic, rejecting security and stability for a life full of changes and surprises. During the last 50 years he has played almost in all of the most important polish movies. He used to work with the best polish directors, like Wajda, Zanussi, Kutz and played also in France, Germany and Russia. Two years ago he even acted with … Angelina Jolie in “Salt”.


But my favourite movie with him is “The Boxer” (1966). It’s based on a true story one of one of the polish gold medalist in boxing. The main character is very talented but impulsive boxer, who makes big mistake and pays a high price for it. Fortunately, the coach of national polish team gives him a second chance and takes him to Tokyo on the Olympic Games…Maybe because I like “bad boys” or maybe I’m typical polish who spends more time thinking about past then future – I like this story very much. In Poland we are very sentimental. We like to talk with nostalgic about our history – whatever, the great victories of our army or wonderful victories in the sport.

In ’60 and ’70 we used to have great athletes and boxers. But the biggest proud and happiness gave us football dream team and their coach – Kazimierz Górski. In 1972 the “Eagles of Górski” won the Olympic Games in Munich. They played a very offensive and spectacular football and could won with almost everyone. Since then every fan of football in Poland knew theirs names by heart. Have you ever seen “Victory” with Sylvester Stallone and Pele? Next time watch more careful! Among the best football players from the 70’s like Pele or Bobby Moore, there is black haired, small and slim but  very fast midfielder – played by Kazimierz Deyna, captain of polish dream team!

So – Kike and Oggy – it’s not true that we don’t know how to play football! Maybe now we aren’t the best but “history likes repetition”. One day we can make you surprise and kick your Spanish a….!!! Hope so ! 🙂




One response to “We are from Poland, don´t panic!”

  1. FURKAN ARISOY says:

    Hi Olga
    I appreciate you that how you defended all Polish values and historical facts that you had throughtout history.
    Personally, I’m crazy of Czech and Polish movies, when I will come to Brasov, I may show you my film arshieve .
    I believe you’re so brave nation and always had been fighthing for independence.
    all we need as turkish guys are to focus on real historical process of all Europe , not only ours 😉

    This diary is occured well done, waiting for your other challenges! 🙂
    Note : Oggy, dont forget, Trabzonspor there was miroslaw Szymkowicak, Piotr Brozek brothers and Glowacki :-p
    Take caree of you!
    Chrobrego Polska
    Niech cię Bóg błogosławi

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