Things are strange, when you are a stranger

Last time I was writing about things and places which make me happy. Today, something different. Things and customs which make me feel like an alien.“I’m a alien, I’m legal alien, I’m Englishman in NY”  – forgive me !

1)    balcony – almost no one has open balcony in Brasov. Lucian explained to us that its’s a reminiscent of communism time, when small flats in big blocs used to be build for everyone and everywhere. Rate and quantity were more important, than comfort and needs of people. But people who wanted to make their flats bigger and more comfortable, started to close balcony by windows wall. The glass wall, especially if you live on 9th floor with view on city lights, is WOW! But still, during the warm summer evenings, I will be missing an open balcony.

2)    constructions paradox –  what usually is open, in Romaniais closed, like balcony. What usually is hidden, here is on the top, like gas boxes and kilometers of pipes outside of the buildings.

3)    The lift elevator in our bloc  was broken. It took 3 days to repair it. What was changed except that it started work again? The lift got new buttons! And since that time it hasn’t stopped on our floor. If we want use it, we should push the button with 10 floor and then, on 10th floor we have alternative – go out and go downstairs or push again the button with number 9. Then the lift will stop and open the door on 9th floor. Uff! No, it’s not complicated at all! 😉

4)   the smallest lake inRomania– how to use wash machine? First wash and first disaster. In Romaniapipes from wash  machine use to being… outside – of course! When you do the washing, don’t forget about putting the pipes to the bath. Unless you have flood in your bathroom, like we had.

5)   shit – happens! And it happens very often inBrasov. Spring has came. Snow has melted. Primroses have appeared… Dog’s shit has …its moment! It is everywhere! After reading “Merde! One year inParis” I used to think, that dog shits are related with capital of France. But I’ve changed my mind here, inBrasov. Despite of group of people who are cleaning the streets, cutting branches etc. every morning, it doesn’t disappear! Even worse! It’s like growing … numbers of dog’s shit everywhere 🙁








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  1. Ana-Maria says:

    this is really a new perspective on my own city. I mean now that i read it, I actually think it is weird stuff, opposite to how it should be, but since i live in this city since I was born, i just got used to taking thinks exactly how they are and they don’t feel so strange…nice work! keep on writing about your experience because it is great to read about it 😀

  2. Loredana says:

    Hi Olga, my name is Loredana and I’m the volunteer form Brasov and I’m with EVS in Portugal. Well, it’s pretty bad that this post of you is only about bad things, but I’m sure that every country has her own problems. I stood with out wash machine for all most 3 months, and when I had to change the apartment was the most complicated thing since I’m here. Everybody was saying other thing, we (me and my colleague) had to make dozens of roads to offices only for small things that could be done in 1 or max 2 days. We also had to wait for a guy to fix as the toilet water one week (first he said that will come in a Wednesday morning, after lunch we said that will come at 7.30 pm but he arrived at 10pm – only for seeing the problems. He told us after that will gonna come next day, and guess what? He didn’t. And in the Friday evening he just ring to the door without announcing. You can’t imagine how angry I was in that week). The problem with the dog shit …….I’m blaming the snow and basically the winter for hiding everything, but you will see that Brasov is a very beautiful city and clean. About strange things like woman’s in black and “coliva” think how I felled when I enter in a school and in the middle of the hall was a big plastic Jesus on the cross like 5m high – that pretty f.. scary :)). But Portugal is a beautiful country and with very nice people ( even if they are late ALL THE TIME). I’m enjoying every day, because every day is a new day for discovering things so I wish you too a very nice time in Brasov. Tip: go to visit the citadels around Brasov (ex. Fagaras, Harman, Prejmer), if you get a chance really go on the mountain and in July Sighisoara – Medieval Festival. Good luck! 🙂

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