The Road Runner Show


Yes we did it, me and Olga traveled by hitch-hiking from Brasov to Budapest, around 850 km only us and the  “highway” 🙂 We started our trip at 2 p.m. on the way to Sibiu, and to be honest, Olga was the faster girl just like the ostrich bird from “The Road Runner Show” She waved tree times and a car stoped with lovely driver inside. When we planned the trip we wanted to stop in Sibiu on the way to Arad, but we changed the plan when we found out that the guy was driving  direclty to Arad and we coudn’t miss this chance. Way was quite good. Our lovely driver spoke a little bit of eanglish but we tried to communicat with him in romanian and hmmm I am sure  we were perfect with this mix of languages from hole world espiecially prefered body language which is very difficult to use in the car 🙂 Big bravo for him!!! Wish you the best. He really took care of us and  drove us almost inside the apartament where we sleept 🙂  Our next destination was Szeged in Hungary. The trip started at 12 p.m. and really, I am no lier when I say that  we found somebody to take us there in 5  minuts. It was a guy with two teenage girls. Nobody in the car spoke eanglish but Olga ( ha ha on this travel I was a body and carred rucksack, Olga was a head 🙂 did a short show.  She painted on her fingers smily and sad faces and started playing. It was amaizing how the faces of this people became happy. We finshed the trip with this people 15 meters before Hungarian border and we crossed it on foot.  Perfect that we are in EU and we only spent a few minutes on the border. OK and after that the problems has startted . We tried to stop somebody for 30 minutes, for us it was long time but finally a nice guy took us.  And we were in Szeget.  Spent there one night and the plan was to wake up early in the morning, witch didn’t work because we drank to much palinca, and went sleep at 5 in the morning. So, our trip started at 13 p.m. on the road number M5.  Mayby I will be boring but we spent there half of hour, we had time to eat chocolate and drunk a lot of weather  because palinka 😉 Took us guy with his wife. First 10 minuts was horrible only silents but later he started toking to us in english about Poland and history and he was really good. He new more facts from past than I. Time passed very fast and we where in Budapeszt. Generally we spent around 10 hours on the road and tramped 850 kilometers on  way and back. Return way  by train was simple and boring and I want leave out this topic.

Hitch-hiking rule and I am sure It wasn’t last time …

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