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If you are a person who only likes the romantic stories or that kind of happy stories that are told after a Christmas dinner, this story´s not for you. You´re free to decide. You  can stop or you can follow reading. It´s your choice. But if finally you decide to read it, don´t say after that I didn´t advice you that it´s not the happiest story in the world.



Dedicated to all that people that believed in me.





  1.    Nothing is what it seems.

Have you ever thought too much about anything that finally made you get a big headhache? Maybe it´s happening to you very often, maybe not. It happened very often to  Laszlo Antbran, a ten years old child from a village far away from the big city. Laszlo was an intelligent boy that liked reading and studying in his free time. He used read three books per week and to be at his home all the time. He was living with his father but spent a lot of time alone because his dad couldn´t arrive at home earlier and there weren´t more kids of his age in the neighbourhood. His father was working for a big and important company and had time only for his job. Laszlo was considered by the rest of the children of his age as a strange child.


Sometimes Laszlo felt alone, without nobody to talk. He really missed  have an interesting conversation with some clever person. But it never happened. He was ten years old, an age when children become little men and they begin to think about themselves.  And what he was seeing everyday was that no ten years old kid, except him,  was thinking about the same things than him, no kid was worried about the same problems than him. Therefore he couldn´t avoid feeling as a strange child and also started be sad. Laszlo was not only a studious and a reader child. He was very independent because his father didn´t spend much time at home with him. Because of this he had to learn quickly how to cook, to wash dishes and clothes, hang the wet clothes in order to dry them and he also learnt how to talk to people who were much older than him. Actually he became a very mature child for his age.


But teachers used to think he was lazy and all his mates (I said it before) used to think Laszlo was strange, weird, stupid boy. Nowadays, like before, if you are not like most of people, people will kill you slowly. And that was what was happening to our ten years old boy, a special boy, an unwanted boy.

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