How you think is how you see

If you read Anna’s blog, you already know, that… we did it! 😉

We hitch-hiking from Brasov to Budapest! In the theory it took us only 10 hour, but in reality it was a 6 days of traveling. During this time we visited 4 cities and met a lot of people – not only our drives but also guys from couch surfing who hosted us and… polish couple in Budapest. (They ware singing “Mercedes Benz” Janis Joplin on the empty, dark street, in the middle of the night. It made my flesh creep ).

After journey I felt as if  we were traveling not 6 days but 6 years – it was great time full of adventures, good mood and …challenges (especially for me). Really, every day brought something new and unexpected. The most important massage for me was:


But from the beginning…


After that trip I think, that all hills in Romania have their own castles or their own name which is written by big white letters on the top (like Hollywood).

Our lovely driver heard in the radio, that the weather wouldn’t be good on the Easter. So all the way from Brasov to Arad we were repeating mix of romanian and english words: “Nu rain!!! Nu rain!!! Nu rain!!!”, trying to change the weather. And… we did it! Next day in Arad was sunning and warm ^___^


We were in Aradon 13th of April. It was last Friday before Easter and there was a big market in the city. They sold: rabbits, quails etc.  Anna found her love 😉



Arad is very old city. In the past it used to be one of the most important cultural center in Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. But now it’s quite hard to notice it. It’s really beautiful city but a little bit neglected. Beacouse of that sightseeing was interesting travel in the past and imagination’s exercise. Did you know that in Arad was opened first theatre in Romania?



It’s a small village 30 km from Arad. It’s  famous of  Basilica of  Maria Radna:


Where people leaves pictures and paintings as a votives to say “thanks” for God’s help. Sometimes the paintings are a little bit terrifying.


We also captured a castle in Radna! For me it was a challenge. I hate hiking. I always see myself falling down and broke my arms, legs whatever! Anna was very stubborn and I didn’t have any choice. I had to climb and… I did it!



…looks like little Budapest. You wouldn’t see it in my pictures, couse it was raining and we spent most of time with Mat our host guy in … pubs, drinking… mate 😉 It was a first big city on hungarian’s side of the border and it surprised us quantity of bicycles paths (their really like to ride bicycles!), sweet & funny signs on the walkways and small statues …



…for me is a windy city. All time when I’m here wind is blowing. I hope it’s a wind of change 😉



Walking slowly around you can see that this city is living in art – street art:


Thanks our host guy we discovered the best pub in Budapest– Szimpla (eng. Simply). It’s split into few smaller spaces. Each of them is different. There are: a small concert room (3 musicians were making improvisation on violin and two boxes when we were there), bars – each of them serves different drinks, art gallery, quasi cinema, etc. Even if you are hungry (like hungry Hungarian) in the middle of night – here it’s not a problem! You can eat pizza in small, opened 24h pizza’s point near the exit of  Szimpla.


Totally different atmosphere rules in small pub near the Keleti Train Station. It seems like time has stopped here in latest 90ties… The main clients are the men is the age of 50 “plus” and …two girls lost in the city 😉 and silent! All the time silent. In place like that you can hear bee flying on the opposite side of the room.


Even outside adapted to nostalgic which rules inside:


At least on Keleti Train Station I found… my favourite polish sweets – Grześki  😉


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