Taming of the Shrew

You have known her since you were children. She is green, capricious, malicious. She is small, but she can annoy.  She is as hard as nails. She doesn’t care who she hurts. If you wouldn’t be careful she stings your fingers, hand, legs.  No, she isn’t a good girl !!! But she can be very useful for you. If you know, how to treat her.

Urtica (lat.), nettle (en.), urzica (ro.),  pokrzywa (pl.)

Since a long time people has believed that she has a magical power. In the Scandinavian legend for example, it was a plant of Thorn – god of thunders and storm – so it was treated as a natural protection against the thunder. In the past in Poland people used to think, that it also protected their houses against evil and witches – all kinds of demons. Because of this beliefs she has been also one of the most important plant in popular medicine. It has been thought, that nettle is a big source of iron, so it is good for health – cure anemia, liver, kidneys. Our grandmothers used it to make a tea and special rinse for hair. It made their hair more beautiful and soft, gave it a gloss.

Nowadays, during the spring, it is the most popular plant … on the Romanian street. It looks like each corner, market, main street has its own Gipsy with bags full of URZICA (nettle). This plant is still used as an important component of Romanian diet. They make from it soup, pasta, tea.

I was very curious how did it taste so I tried to prepare it according to a receipt (thx “uncle google”!). I washed fresh leafs of urzica and chopped them into very thin pieces. Then I put them into salted water and boiled it 15 min. As it was cooking I chopped garlic and spring onion. I took nettle out from the water and mixed it with three spoons of corn flour and one spoon of regular flour till it became like a pasta. After that I poured into pot an oil and a glass of water from nettles. Added nettle’s pasta, covered it and cooked 20-25 min. on a low hit. Five minutes before it was ready I had also added garlic, spring onion, salt and pepper.

Finally (uff!) we ate it with rice and if you read this post it means that it wasn’t a poison 😉 Maybe it wasn’t look like a “Miss World Among The Dishes”, but it tested exceptionally good.








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