Tips for hitch-hiking


1)    Be prepared to walk all day. It is not easy and you need to think that it is more  walking adventure with a chance of getting a ride more than anything else.

2)    Buy a map of the area, so you can determine whether a ride will actually bring you closer to your destination.

3)    Learn the language, at least a little. Hitchhiking can be a good way to        improve your conversation skills. Often drivers pick up hikers to have some  conversation.

4)    Arrange sleeping places. For example a Hospitality exchange host such as, a youth hostel.

5)    Remember, hitchhiking may be illegal in some areas or on certain types of roads. Enforcement of laws against hitchhiking may vary. Ask locals.

6)    Bring a black marker, paper a hat, a flashlight, a pocketknife, sunscreen, etc… it is best to be prepared and these items do not weigh much.


1)The three most important advice for getting a ride are: location, location, and location. You need to find a place where you can be seen early (to give the driver time to decide to pick you up), and where the driver can safely pull over.

2) Don’t try to catch a ride from downtown, instead catch public transport to the edge of town. City drivers are mostly traveling short distances. Check your map, or ask around, to find a good spot.


1)    Always stay happy – even if people react nastily 😉

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