já passaram 5 meses

well yes, I’m here from 5 months…the time is passing so quickly.  I’m super nervous that is raining from almost 4 weeks – where is the summer? where is the hot Portugal???? And when I’m thinking that back in home is worm…..Anyway, beside my work and my projects, last week was “youth week”/ “Jovem.com”. In the beginning I though that will be so cool, everybody was preparing  an activity, even me and my college had something planned and everything seemed to be so nice. And it was, but of course was a problem – the youngsters didn’t come. I was wondering with my college’s  “why?”, I can’t understand that- if you have the opportunity to go to some workshops for free, why don’t you do it? After that, we just decided that wasn’t a very good publicity and probably that’s why.

Well…at list was fun for us (YUPI members): we learned how to make stencils for T-shirt,or we “danced” with a puppet made by us  form new’s peppers

and we use our creativity in my workshop of EcoArt.


I’m a little bit sad, that Famalicao (the city where i live) is so small, and with so much rain is more saddest, but I’m happy that I’m living near to Porto witch is GREAT! So many youngsters, so many Erasmus student’s, such a beautiful city!

But in this moment, all I want is summer – I need to feel  Portugal, so …somebody send some sun here!

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  1. claudia says:

    stai linistita ca vine si soarele 🙂

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