Time to say goodbye

I have déjà-vu because the party with our dear seniors last Thursday . We started adventure with Romania on Woman’s Day Party and we’ve finished it with Mask Party. The energy, positive altitude and happiness from dancing “brasoveanca” was the same, or even bigger than year ago. Looking at our guests I wish to be in such a good dance condition as they are.

Sometimes I reflect who helped whom during the last year? It’s naive question, cuz each meeting is exchanging process more or less intentional. But it’s a good start point to say multumesc all of people whom I met, who gave me positive energy and support. So, multumesc – Anna, Anca, Bogdan, Carmen, Carmen Athe, Claudia, Luci, Iris, Oggy, Mireille, Mahila, Sercan, Kike, Furcan, Madalina, Marilena, Alexandra, Raul, Izabella, Laura, Haita Anna (“Esti frumoasa – Ştiu”), Nelli (that you show me how to be puternica and independent:), Ana Pana (for advice how to be forever young – remember only good things), Viorica (for possibility to discover your active and creative life;).

And now… now it’s time to say goodbye.

But before that ….

Oggy said that he can pack all his things in small rucksack in 10 minutes. I wish I could say the same. But during this year I collect new objects. A lot of useful things… with defects which make them less useful, more surrealistic but still nice 🙂 According to Viorica’s words on crochet meeting last Wednesday – “Imagination is more important than patterns” – maybe you could play with me small game?

Use your imagination ^^ and try to guess this object, which remainds me that nobody is perfect, but thanks that world is more interesting:

So for the beginning let me introduce you Shy Lady in Blue….

It’s not easy to read all stories which she knows from her “face”. She keeps secrets hidden deep in her heart. She isn’t like an open book, although she has read a lot of them. You can only imagine in which wonderful, amazing places she was with Readers. Although her cable doesn’t allow her leave the room, she was in

… other galactic?



“Through the Looking-Glass … What She Found There”?

Nowy folder (2)


Maybe she met there girl with small defect? Green Girl opens her arms wide above ppl heads… She wants to protect them, but this small button on her skirt makes a big noise in shops and put potential owners off her. So she is almost so lonely and sad like rain again which  she wants protect people. Can anybody rescue her?


Could it be this guy who wanted to be a rock star


Or become the first racket in the world, winner of Wimbledon, Australian Open…


But instead of that, he became… housewife, master of pancakes?









Yellow Elephant

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Olgas pink elephant has a brother now…

Thanks to her crochet activity I learned how to create this small animal which brings now some color in my bedroom. =)

The crochet technic itself I knew before otherwise I would have needed more than two hours for my elephant… Crochet is a very nice relaxing activity for unfriendly winter evenings. Sit down on the couch, start listen to an audiobook and watch the gloves or the cap or the elephant growing under your hands =)

Cat’s Eye




Fun bulletin of the week ! ;)

Buna Seara!


I hope you spend a chock-full week with all friends or preferably by yourself . If you want to innovate , develop something that you might never tried nor applied, I have tricks for u. Not only workshop, bijuteri or atelier, but also pretty objectives of Romania to go if you’re thinking to set off journey soon 😉

Where to go ?



Castle of Cantacuzino is located  in ” Busteni” you can take train ( morning cheaper 😛 ) and it takes 1 hour to reach there. Entrance 20 LEI and if you wanna take photo, you ought to pay 10 lei more , worth to go right? 😉


What to do ?


485257_370397466401390_1570640045_n ( 1 )


Cute Little sock cat

What tools you need?

–  Scissor, a pairs of sock, cotton,  Threads, pin, normal pencil or color pencils

The photo I gave you enough to explain what’s process to do it 🙂

So, take all of good luck with it 😉


Source :  http://www.tulaoshi.com/n/20120813/3212.html ( 1 )



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Fight with your tiger

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Longing for amazing movie-pictures, perceptible colors and breathtaking szenes in connection with an adventurous story about an incredible journey of the maincharacter?

What do you think about one story of surviving in a lifeboat on the ocean over weeks and months – together with a tiger, like Pi did in “The Life of Pi”? The danger of the force of nature, the search for food, the relation with the wild animal… Unbelievable? Hm, you can take it as a fantastic fairytale, but you also can understand it as a metaphor to conceal an experience which is much more terrifying…

Watch “The Life of Pi” to discover a beautiful new movie; maybe also a good idea for the movie-evening at Colors:


(photo credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Life_of_Pi_%28film%29)

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Grandma’s Joy

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Our love comes when we collide

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Buna dimineata!

How are you? Do you need some happiness in bright colors? Right now? Try out this videoclip, the strong music “Collide” by The Ruse, one of my favourite songs ever 🙂 I love this beautiful dancing-scenes in the clip…

Vollbildaufzeichnung 06.02.2013 104927.bmp

and here are the lyrics for this song:

You know I won’t start taking pictures until the trip is done /
You know I won’t stop blowing kisses at everyone /
It’s not where we are it’s where we’re going that gets me inside /
Right where the heart and the headache where they collide /
Straight to the heart of the problem but the damage is done /
I pick up the phone call the medics but they never come /
Swept under the rug where no one can see /
I’ve already lost a small part of me /
Take what you want /
No please just take what you need /
Love pull me / Love heal me /
Oh how she comes when we collide /
Not now you’ll say this is the game we play /
And our love comes when we collide /
It drives us apart, this attraction /
It wont be our fault /
Stand with your feet on the stairway but you never walk /
When will you move / Leave here for good /
Can’t break the strings that you never could /
It’s all that you want /
Its all that you need /
Love pull me / Love heal me /
Our love comes when we collide /
Not now you say /
This is the game we play /
Our love comes when we collide /
Can you feel it / Can you heal it / No? /
Love pull me and love it heals me /
Our love comes when we collide /
Not now you say /
This is how the game is played /
Our love comes when we collide
the picture is a screenshot from the videoclip)

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There is no time to get bored! :)

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I’m here in Romania as you all know and I have spent crazy times full of laughter and smiling people who helped me.. to be honest , I liked all of what I did here , holding from trips till ateliers and workshops and activities I involved. It is not only belongs to someone else, also belong to you cuz simply If you want to learn something, you just learn without any question.!

You must avoid all prejudgments and smile to people and give your happiness make them feel you like them or you’re with them always does not matter If some day you will leave them and keep apart… so with this thought, I have done something that I did not do so far in most of time. I started to learn and draw attention to ” Bijuteries, necklaces, bracelets, colorful papers, beads, glasses, homemade candles and most important that I considered is ” Origami” art… it is like endless  journey to the bottom of world… you folder and folder.. forever…you do same motions however things get different forms 🙂













In addition to this, I started to make  ” charcoal pencil” illustrations as well with my own decision therefore , I made ” Bran castle” with pleasure! :p who knows what next will be 😉

I hanged up my origami on my ceiling 🙂 they look greatttt and adorable.. i feel like they will come to life and speak with me some day or may be angels will give ” soul” to my origami butterfly and she will fly away with her wings freely 😉

Don’t wait to make handmade things till your hairs got grey , do that right now before it is too late… it is worth to do it.  As Kelly Clarkson says some people waits for a lifetime for a moment like this 😉


I recommend you to go ” Galeria Creativ” in Brasov to buy for this kind of ” Bijuteri and creative items and materials” you can create awesome things , I was there and I’m pleased to be there definetely 😉

I give you contact adress so that you can discover too! 🙂


Galeria Creativ
Brasov, Str. Al.Ioan Cuza nr.24
tel: 0740 838085 (Pentru comenzi online)
Program magazin virtual Luni-Vineri 09:00 – 17:30

Also you can see their website like this,


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TAVLA..! (Backgammon)

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Think, Determined, Play and have Fun

Think, Determined, Play and have Fun

I played TAVLA  today.

As far as i know, Shah of persia vizier Büzur Mehir invented this game about ten days in 1.400 years ago.
(More informanitons :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backgammon#Persia_.28Iran.29)
Usually, i played with my mom, brother and uncle. I played here with a cheerful women… 🙂


Of course i won... :)

Of course i won… 🙂

I am here if you are challenge to me… 😉



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Pink elephant

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Looking inside our fridge you could have problem with answer on question: who did really finish project and leave Brasov?

Our flat used to be full of people, music and conversations. Now, after Anna’s and Carmen’s leaving it’s quiet and empty. I find it a little bit strange.

To don’t feel so sad (also weather outside doesn’t make me better – again grey as a king of colors) I was searching for some activity which could make me happy and fill my time. At first I thought about travel, but still days have been too cold and short for hitch hiking. Then movie and books. But how long could you watch and read before you get bored? I needed something different. Something positive, creative, something what could occupy my mind. And then I found it! You can believe or not but it took me only two steps:

First – music!


Second – amigurumi!

Sounds like abracadabra? 😉

Correctly! Cuz it’s a magic word which changes mood for better and brings back color to your life. It’s Japanese crochet/knitted technique. Amigurumi means small, stuffed, usually animal’s shaped toys from wool. Name of it comes from words AMI – croched/knitted and NUIGURUMI – stuffed dolls. It is typically worked in spiral rounds, using simply braid:

–        chain stitch 

–        single crochet  

–         and magic loop 

Using only this 3 basic steps you can create whatever you want…

In my case: crochet + counting + color = pink elephant 😉


If you want to check yourself with amigurumi, join us on nearest Wednesday, at 15.00 !


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The Babysitter

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1BABY1 Kopie

1BABY2 Kopie


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România Verde – ?

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România Verde – ?

When I was in Bucuresti this December I decided to take a walk in the Botanical Garden. Of course this kind of parks are more beautiful in summertime but they usually offer nice perspectives in snowlandscapes as well.
When you walk towards the Grădina Botanică ”Dimitrie Brândză” you notice that something else then trees is growing there…

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

This kind of ironic contrast – is it typical for Romania?!
You come closer and you notice a sign which gives information about a project called “România Verde”. Green Romania? And in the background industrial chimneys are growing to the sky. The only green thing here is maybe the toxic smoke, isn’t it?!

 VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

Okay, what exactly is “România Verde”? I visited the website


and I learned that there is a non-profit-organisation named “Asociația Centrul Ecologic Green Area”.
The common opinion of the members is: In our time of rush and noise in restless cities there is one important place we need – a place where we can calm down, a quite place to relax and to listen to silence again.
Botanical Gardens are places like this. The aim of the project “România Verde” is, to make well-kept parks out of Botanical Gardens which are a bit ignored and not very well known. So it is also important to advertise them and on the website you can find presentations of nine Botanical Gardens in Romania. The “Asociația Centrul Ecologic Green Area” takes care of them.

Otherwise the factory next to the Grădina Botanică ”Dimitrie Brândză” in Bucuresti may would have swallowed this park already…

And this would be a pity, because even if the park is not very green at the moment it contains beautiful corners:

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

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