Romanian’s devil

Don’t get me wrong, it woudn’t be article about Dracula, I am tolking about real devil. When everybady have been at home and celebrate X-mass time an New Year I had Romanian “back to the past” . Some how  I found in home Polish book about Nicolea Causescu, Romanian’s komunist and tyrant witch had under his thumps all country over 25 years. It will be only few lines, becouse this monster doesn’t deserve to pay attention about him.

-Romanian Comunist dyctator,

-he finished only 4 classes of primary school,

-set up Stalinists system,

-people called him Conducător ( leader) and Geniul din Carpaţi (Carpatian’s Genous),

– he didin’t want put to practis any reforms ,

-he destroied almost 20% of historical buildings in  Bucarest insted he builded blocks,

-set up tax for couples without children,

-impresions of him made visit in Republic od China and Mao’s system,

-thanks to Securitate he controlled all community,

-he lended 13 bilons of dolars and to get this many back he took them from Romanian people,

-it was nothing in shops to buy

-his wife Elena was his right hend and also devil,

-for Romanian people was forbiden contact with foreigners that’s mean for us will be impossible to be here.

And many many others….

Finnaly he and Elena they were killed after revolution in Timisoara in 1989, but why so late…..?

Heaven of food,very warm.. I took shower with culture of Istanbul

As far as I remembered about this 2 weeks in Istanbul was that I had so much fun, joy , laughter and smile and tastes delicious  food of istanbul and of my mom ! 🙂

I’m lucky that I have this rich food culture, as we’re not lucky for some aspects, such as ” metrobus, small buses” crowd problems and lack of respect much.  I won’t say day by day what I did  but I can say half of holiday is spent on roads in buses , Istanbul is big .. I landed off to Sabiha gokcen airport and my brother took me with his car up to home. I’m welcomed my mom, I was so happy too see also my small sister hugged me in sweet way.

Everday I tried to do something, I met to my best friend Enes in Istanbul in Taksim and we have sat in starbucks and chatted a lot about how was our lifes so far etc. Istanbul was hot like 15 degrees, it is not joke 🙂

It made me smile to see people who wore up thick jacket by 10 degrees, i said that oh god are you crazy? I m about go to marmara sea and swim away 🙂

Ok let’ say , I made food schedule ,  it was like first day meatball, rice, compot, second day.. kebab, ayran baklava…. it was going like this, long list 🙂 I got fat more and what I missed most was fish 😉

I made car tour with my brother,  he drove me away sometimes,  I spent my ” revelion” with Romanian people in Turkish houses:))  I found them and met them , they’re great big family living in Istanbul and was speaking perfect turkish each of them , confusing, I visited them they gave me a lot of food, we listened romanian music and watched romanian tv from satellite:-)   Romanian woman cooked traditional food and some wine she gave me plus we put ornaments on our Christmas tree i took good photos, I ‘ll miss them …

Then next week I went to a “liberal author days” and ” memories” I met my friends again, and they were happy  to see me. IN same week, one another friend of mine. spent hapily time again .

I played with my sister many games 🙂  also with my cousin serra, she loved my game , all this game I learn from brasov from my organization so I applied them, they did not stay in the air 😉

My sister loved ” samuray game” and ” memory cards” my cousin loved  ” tiger, magician , monkey” game.. they teach this games to their friends too  and she told me ” my brother i played this games with my collegues in school” I was proud of her. Hope this games will spread out  and every single child will learn it all. Cuz we need this kind of creative games 😉

I balanced and I did not neglect nor my family nor my friends, so both became happy.. fun and modesty in one picture, this is what I like 😉




















Some parts from my trip

I was in my country in christmas.. I had really good time. I seen great parts of Turkiye. I really want to say thank you so much to Carmen Blazquez.. She was with me all trip long and we had really good time together..



İstanbul is a transcontinental city. This picture taken between Europa and Asia in Bosphorus.


Capadocia is a historical region in Central Anatolia. We stayed there 2 days long. And it was incredible.


We had chance to see Ankara which is capital of Turkiye.


  Pamukkale..The city contains hot springs and travertines, terraces of carbonate minerals left by the flowing water.


İzmir is one of the oldest cities in the world with a history, which stretches back over 8,500 years. ( Also city where i was born )


 Ephesus..The city was famed for the Temple of Artemis (completed around 550 BC), one of theSeven Wonders of the Ancient World. 


Şirince is one of the oldest old Greek city which is famous with wines.


And my paradise Kuşadası..


And picture of trip 🙂

Christmas in Turkey!


Last Christmas I was travelling around Turkey. Although saying this isn’t so simple, because this country is so big….with 75 million of inhabitants dwelling along a vast territory…one has to be accurate for being understood. I consider myself lucky because I visited charming cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Capadocia, Izmir, Kusadasi, Ephesus, Pamukkale or Sirince. And the most important, I visited, knew and saw houses, traditions and habits of authentic Turkish families. This country has a great History and people, and a great museums!!!. Actually, the Museum of Civilizations of Anatolia, located in Ankara, contains precious samples of earlier cultures which inhabited this land before Turkish. This museum was considered the most important museum in Europe (2007) regarding its amount of important pieces from ancient ages and its quality. Located on the top of a central hill, just to a hundred meters from the castle of the capital, this unique place is a great source of knowledge for explaining the origin and history of this country. Some examples of its richness are the reconstruction of the tomb of Midas King, sculpture of Cibeles goddess (Phrigyan symbol which represents  the mother earth) or pieces from Hititas period that represents the customs of this old cultures who inhabited Central Anatolia around 1700-1200 B.C. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the famous leader who headed the independence and creation of the modern Turkey, considered very important to establish this museum as an attempt for finding, unifying and showing to the turkish population the value of their roots. Through delivering the cultural heritage he created a powerful sense of  nationalism, essential for the newborn Turkey in 1923.


With such a big session of anthropology, after visiting the museum I had to take a breath and drink a good Salep!….If you don’t know what is this wonderful juice, ask to Mr. Google or visit Turkey, because Salep is one of its fortunes for the gourmand visitor….I tasted it for first close to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, the second day of my trip. Since this moment I couldn’t stop of drinking! It is a soft white liquid, a mixture flour made from Orchid’s tuber and milk with spices and cinnamon inside…a pleasure for tasting.  As some turkish told me,  doctors recommend to take one a day in winter. If you follow this instruction, you won’t get a cold with the bad weather!……

Lastly, thanks to my dear Ogui, my fellow traveller who kept all the time next to me, helping to me inconditionally with my language barriers, trying to make me feel as a member of his family and culture, giving to me the opportunity to discover another piece of his pure and genuine vision of life.


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My hometown in Christmas Dress

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My hometown in Christmas Dress
The Christmas Market in my hometown in Germany is one of the most beautiful Christmas Markets in the country. Where people from Brasov have their Black Church, people from Erfurt have the St. Marien Cathedral and the St. Severi Church to watch over the huge square where the Christmas Tree, the Christmas pyramid and the Ferris Wheel delight the visitors who are coming from the whole county.
This year I was not there but I remember the nice smell of sugared roasted almonds and the little fairytale-houses with puppets dressed like Snowwhite and the 7 dwarfs, Little Red Ridinghood and all the other well known characters.
My parents had send me an Advent calendar with a picture of the market to remind me of home… =)
 photo credit:


  08.01.2013; 15:30

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Focuri de artificii – Revelion 2013 in Bucuresti

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Focuri de artificii – Revelion 2013 in Bucuresti 
Have you been in your capital one time for silvester? No? Me neither. I guess, the silvester shows in Berlin are really interesting but I never went there. Insteat of this I saw now the people of Bucuresti celebrating the start in 2013. First time in a capital, but not in mine.In Piata Constitutiei, which is – with the Parliamentspalace in the background – a really good place for a silvester show, concerts and animation were going on the whole evening. Finally: the obligatory countdown. This time in romanian language – I had to be focused very well to count correctly backwards. The countdown endet in a great professional firework, which was illuminating Piata Constitutiei for 15 min. It was extraordinary impressing in conection with the good instrumental music and it was a beautiful first visual sensory impression of the new year.

La Multi Ani Romania!

If you want to know how it was check the link below. … but reality is more beautiful of course.


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Home Sweet Home (Yeah I know, standard title)

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„At least you have to be home for Christmas!!” was one of the first things I heard from my parents when they heard about my decision to go abroad for one year. And I thought: “yes of course I have to, I mean, it’s Christmas!” meaning this is family time you have to spend with… yeah… your family.

So I travelled back on Sunday, 23rd of December, constantly accompanied by the fear of a cancelled or delayed flight because of the (f§$#%ing!!!) snow. But finally, everything went well and I was pretty “proud” of taking all the means of transportation possible (train, bus, plane, taxi…Ok, ship and submarine were missing but if I had the opportunity, I would probably have taken it as well!)

So after this odyssey and one night to sleep, it was already Christmas! In our family this means, inviting relatives, decorating the Christmas tree, getting presents and – of course – eating, eating, eating!

There is a saying in Germany that you get more weight in the time from Christmas to New Year’s Eve than in the time of of New Year’s Eve to Christmas. And I guess it’s true. In this one week I spent more time eating than the whole 4 months I’ve been living in Brasov! So I pretty much felt like a king at a fully laid table.

But anyway, I didn’t really get appropriate presents for a king! My parents still seemed to worry that I don’t survive without suitable equipment in Romania and that’s why I received blankets, socks, chocolate and stuff for the kitchen. And the strange thing about that – I was happy about the presents! If I got the same things last year, I would probably have given a fake “thank you” smile (Except about the chocolate of course.) These practical things can be really useful if you need them!

So that was my Christmas. Pretty much the same like every year and it was not strange for me at all to suddenly sit under the Christmas tree although I’ve been living somewhere else for already 4 months. And this means that you are home 🙂weihnachtsmarkt-flensburg

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Conversations with Furkan

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Furkan has his own style. His face expresses a high variety of gestures and his unique talent: sensitiveness and a great diplomacy. A conversation with him can be full of adjectives, but never boring because he has lots of interests.  Even though he would like to be musician (actually, he records himself singing his favorite songs) or painter, finally he studied Sociology. This experience gave him lots of knowledge that he will tell us about in the following interview. Furthermore, thanks to his travels around Europe: Poland, UK or Czech Republicat, where he was studying in an Erasmus exchange, he got a wide view of social and cultural diversity.

On May 2012 he came to Romania from Beyoglu, European part of Istanbul where he was born,  for working as a volunteer. Here, he’s not working as a sociologist, but If someone enters into his room, the mark of this ability rounds the four walls long. He has a collection of money from more than thirty different countries and several proverbs hold on the walls, written into different languages. His curiosity and good disposition made possible this interview.

What are you doing in Brasov?

I’m volunteering here in Romania since almost 7 months, I’m working in Asociatia Colors, Romanian organization and I’m trying to  make activity that teaches something to local people , to influence them and socialize them and eventually so as to create happy people no matter how old they’re.  I didn’t know to be honest that Brasov is such beautiful and awesome city like I noticed so far, I’m lucky to be in this pretty city and I get benefit of it so much.   This project is not that special for me, It could be something else. Let’s say, this is just coincidence.

However, you studied sociology, which is not exactly related with this kind of job, isn’t it? Why did you study Sociology?

I studied sociology, because I believed there is a lot of problem in Turkey recently based on structure of sociology.  Although the fact that my way to sociology has track out   now for some reasons. I did not find some theories so realistic and applicable. For this reason, I decided to discover life, community and people.  Not from the books.

From your point of view, what is the objective of Sociology?

Objective of Sociology is based on function of society, social changings, conflicts and identities.

Sociologists are considered as observers of social mass. They try to explain changes in society. In this case, what is the difference between a sociologist and an anthropologyst?

Well, I received Anthropology Knowledge too during my University study.  Hence, difference is very simple.  Sociologists are observing , analyzing making surveys and questionnaires to enlighten some realities or finding a solution to problems. While doing this, They’re not  in the centre of attention, I mean they’ re more likely taking passive role as member of society actively being a part of it.

As to Anthropologists, They’re important part of their research. Because They’re working, giving effort, participating, feeling, living, tasting as well as they observe. Plus, at some point, Anthropologists can   work with small tribes and communes as Sociologist most likely focused on general community issues.

Sociology, as a science, tries to explain changes in the cultural movements. So, do you think that foreigner observer are more effective than locals? I mean, does objectivity exist regarding the figure of the sociologist and considering what is its own background?

I think a foreigner observer   is more effective than local one, the reason of this is that  local observer willingly or unwillingly stuck in culture and tradition of his own nation and society and can’t escape. So He can’t be so objective, probably He would make some comments that can be seen a “healing” on his society that is untrue.

Tell me what is the most important essay or book regarding sociology that most influenced your thinking and why

Peter L. Berger and its essay called “The Social Construction of reality” is the most influenced on me and on my thinking too.  Because I noticed that Social code of society and its constructions are everything for a community.  Every single thing depends on this how we build the reality on society. For instance, gestures and meaning of body acts, changeable from country to country.

Tell me three aspects of character that a good sociologist should have or develop

1-      To be foresee,

2-      To be open-minded

3-      to be brave


What do you think that a sociologist can contribute more with?

He must be firstly Human and tolerated and open-viewed. Then he can contribute more. Cuz  I saw many sociologists that were not human in my opinion.  Contribution of Sociologist is depends what country this sociologist belongs to.  For instance, While American sociologists can work as press and go through other continents and make interview or question-answer forms or documentaries, Turkish Sociologist almost do nothing. If it is Ph. Dr., then He writes couple of books and makes read his students when he started to work in University.


What would you like to do in the future regarding your career and studies?

I don’t want my future job with sociology. I think I became capitalist, most of my colleagues became ordinary officers with low salary even though they struggled much all over years.  Thinking I deserve better, I won’t keep on with it.  I like Tourism, Guiding,  Language Schools and Museums more…

To be continued…..

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Beautiful event days in Casa Muresenilor

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This week excepting Wednesday I was involved in Casa muresenilor events ( evenimente ) and I can say I really had fun .

People of Casa Muresenilor is so nice and friendly. I have been spending time with them  at intervals since summer time… and was one of best time of my voluntary service experience 🙂

I want to talk about you and present you a bit more  about ” Casa MUresenilor” . Every week especially from Tuesday to Friday, each day a different event occurs in this museum.  Beautiful humans one from other is coming there to get deep consciousness of culture, music, history, Recital, presentation , Geography etc. whatever you look for regarding to culture is available in this museum although most of event is based on history by a majority. My colleagues have some day free, and some day they’re with me, it depends. For example Today, I worked with Marinela and Viorica. I saw Cristina just for few minutes. Valer was busy too. Viorica is so willing to learn English. She sometimes uses English words by pieces.  she is successful and i encourage her 🙂 Marinela is my translator, she translates well. I love her daughter, omg such sweet girl. She sung X-mas Carol songs on Piata Sfatului on stage. was awesome. Lorena had free day too today, I didn’t see her.

Thursday I had prepared Sandwich and I shared with Rodica, she liked so much , she was modest cuz she ate only one piece 🙂  And me and Cristina is agree that all Romanian girls are beautiful. Cristina and me has many common points. She likes music and cooking too. May be she is Libra  hehe who knows 😛  She sent me 100 the best Romanian receipts. I will put into practice  but I don’t know when 😉


So, at 11 of December, Brasov Symphony Orchestr gave  a small recital in Casa muresenilor…. it was good Sef was Florin who had lived in Turkey around 25 years and he speaks Turkish very well  , I’m amazed.  Here we see some sample photos from that day below;









Then at 13 of December , A group of young musicians gave us a passionate Guitar Recital. As a guest, there was a Spanish girl who played Violin. It was also nice, Visitors enjoyed.



Last even that happened today was ” Poet’s day … so member of  FUNDATIA CULTURA ARIANA and  Group of  Caii verzi de pe pereti   was there today to analyze Romanian literature and poets even reading some verses from the book

Laurenti Ciprian TUDOR was vice-moderator and moderator was  Poet Adrian Munteanu .They  managed all this event themselves with delicate presentations and expressions. He is sociologist (Laurenti)  in the same time , in addition to this, He writes poems, and I learnt that he has poem about ” Istanbul ” too . By the way, Caii verzi de pe pereti means ” Green horses on the wall , as one of my friend told me, this means ” To dream something, to hope something, or some fantasies that people have” . Plz  see the song of Smiley about this verses :     🙂


This link is about them, if you’re interested in—lansare-23–c8121–p567674.html

This link is about his poems and lyrics ;










I wish you great weekend! 

Hope you’ll see in your dream” caii verzi pe pereti” 😉 

Craciun Fericite si La multi ani ! 


Cu Inima si  Din Suflet,



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Last time one movie made a huge impression  on me. Director is a German guy Werner Herzog and title is “Grizzly man”, which is documentary from 2005. Main character Thimoty spent 13 summers in  Katmai National Park and PreserveAlaska the place full of grizzly bears.  Overtime  he believed that beard trust him and do not heart him. Somehow he believed also that he protect bears from bad people.  Unfortunately final is not so happy like all story. Bears ate him late summer. Timothy was  with his girlfriend and she also was kill by bear.

My conclusion are leave alone wild animals, humans interfered in nature to much so far. Because of Thimoty two bears were kill, the same bears who killed him. To took back rest of his  body forest warden had to kill two bears.  It was not fair play.


Romania has most bears in Europe.  There live around 6000 bears.  Lucky county! Just let them live in their natural environment. Respect their rules. They want live here like we want.


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Conversation with Alexandra

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Hello, I am Alexandra, but my friends call me Alexa or Ake. I was born in Brasov in August 24th, 1991. Nowadays I am studying chemical engineering with specialization in environmental protection.

….She is shy and patient, and likes to find her own happiness by helping others. Despite of her modest posture, she is an authentic dreamer. All nights she falls asleep, thinking in her future trip around South Korea, whose architecture, customs and culture fascinates her. She likes to imagine herself with a back-sack, some money and her dog, running around the world and living a great love-story…..Actually, Alexandra is not only optimistic, but also a great romantic! Her favorite book is “Wthering Heights” by Emily Bronte, and Patrick Swayze her favorite actor since she saw for first Dirty Dancing. Perhaps this personal view of love, cinema and travel represents an inflexion of her soft and attentive character. She likes animals and has a parrot called Cipi. One of her favorite activities is to go through the mountains and visiting the sea during the summer.

She is modern and likes advanced techniques …a good prove of it is when she talks about her favorite event in the History of Romania…”When the communism fell in 1989, otherwise, I couldn’t have o many things which are so important for me, like technology tools and freedom”

1.       Describe in a short sentence your impressions about your city. What Does Brasov represent for you?

I love so much Brasov, because I admire its History and it is surrounded by nature, mountains, Being here you have so many places to visit.

2.       What do you like to do in your free time?

Go out with my friends, listening music, reading, shopping, relaxing and so forth.

3.       What did you study and why?

I study Chemical engineering. I like my choice, If I could chose again I would do the same. I study how to save the nature, the planet, the air that we breathe, it’s amazing.

4.       There was someone who influenced this choice?

Anyone influenced me. I accidentally applied to it, I mean, I didn’t know in depth what I would study. At the beginning, I wanted to run away from my mother’s choice. She liked literature. Actually, I like to read but only for my pleasure. Finally, I decided by myself because I didn’t want to destroy this passion.

  1. 5.       What would you like to do with your work in the future, the practical application or job that would you like to be involved in?

I would like to work somewhere, it doesn’t matter where. For me the most important is to be able on  enjoy with my work. If I do what I like it doesn’t matter where, I only want to be involved in my field.

6.       Why did you decided to work as a volunteer?

I  became volunteer in high-school at one hospital called Hospice Casa Sperantei, because my grandpa was sick and I wanted to do something in order  to help him and others like him. There, I used to work within activities in relation with creativity workshops, cleaning. Sometimes I used to read book with children. Merely staying and entertaining them, because those people were very sick (cancer), so this hospital take care of them. On the whole, I helped them to forget a bit about this.

And after 2 or 3 years from this experience, I wanted to do something with my life, I ment, to be involved in activities, to meet new people.

7.       What thing, knowledge or value do you expect to take from this experience? Do you think that this would be useful in your future?

I feel more open mind, learning how to deal with others, listening different points of view, learning some things about others. I practice how to be creative and active, and yes I think this will be very useful in my life: both, in my future job and with my family.

8.       Till now, what was the best moment as a volunteer?

This question is very difficult for me because I had lots of beautiful memories with all the volunteers, kids, seniors. I can’t remark only one.

9.       For you, what are the most difficult challenges as a  volunteer?


Speaking English, using imagination and playing with small children.

10.   Describe in one word how do you feel working as a volunteer.




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'' Mom! White things are falling from top!!! ''

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She told me that i had said this sentence when i was 3 years old.. It was something that i can not remember. I was speaking with my mom today and i told her do you remember when i ve seen first time snow mom ? And she told me yeah 3 years old when we were vacation in winter. She was cheating me with ” Look eat this white cheese and it will be snow..everywhere white. ” ( i also dont remember’s just dairy of my mom 🙂  )

But when i think about snow…

İts the reason that not leave the window,

The most worthy thing on tree branches after birds..

Romance trigger, atmosphere cleaner.

The most wonderful attraction of nature.

The Snow… In my opinion, the most romantic nature event on earth. Imagine no matter how old are you or who you are.. Snow makes you kid, you just throw snowballs or doing snowmans or try to ski..


Wine, snowball, snowman, many times fall down ( i done first one today ! ) and hot chocolate series at home.. I feel so happy that i will live this kind of things in this winter.  First time in my life i had chance to watch snow from my window.. Okay i ve seen snow before in my life but .. I never took a walk in streets when it was snowing or i never opened window or go balcony try to catch some snow. I just have been to some snow resorts and get contact with snow and run back to my warm city.

The thing is that snow reminds me a white page in this dirty world. I wish that it could be easy to open a white page for everyone like wake up in the morning and see everywhere white.

But now i have to live in the city which is  full of snows. And i am thinking what can i do for this winter with snow. I am sure people who lives here sick of tired from snow and they are keep going their life as nothing happened with snow.. I am sure they will understand that i am foreign.. Because of my astonishment and abnormal movements.. It’s such a shame thing 🙂

What shall i say.. I hate you Mediterrian climate !

Enjoy your winter Brasov.



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