Romana pentru toți ( Dansul Romana)

In the life, sometimes there is no enough suprise and sometimes we humans waiting and expecting enormous  things as we can’t find. The life is settled up to be confused and to live the moment.  Visualization is most important. People want to see, feel , want to  experience.  As you see, Romana pentru tot, dansul romana was one of the such great activity that occured on saturday.  I was volunteer in Casa muresenilor and last three days I was with them and they let me know each step of this activity. This activity has been prepared since 2 months with extraordinary efforts.  Foremost,  with contributions of ” Administratia fondului  cultural national” that is supported and funded this activty and provided it is realized. we’re thankful to them. ( AFCN )

Secondly, in fact most important part that organized and efforted by crew of ” Casa MURESENILOR” foremost,  Dear, Dr. Valer Rus( Manager), Ovidiu, Cristina Seitz, Marinela Barna, Rodica, Viorica, Tanya and Lorena supported and helped so much and worked hard this activity to realize.

Thirdly, special thanks to Prof. ARIANA BUCUR that is inspector scolar general.  She brought lovely students and youngsters so that danced in square and was one of organizator as well. Thank you to Codlea Municipality and Judetului Brasov. 

Fourthly, Thank you to my organization ” As. Colors” that gave me chance and opportunity to be a part of this remarkable dancing activity. I didn’t dance but I made people dance among them 🙂

how lucky we’re that weather were great around 20 degrees and people had fun..  we set sound systems and put rolls up on wall of history museum. Cristina grapped camera and went further to see all people.  At exactly 2 pm, most of  over 100 persons in pairs  in Piata Sfatului started to dancing by Romanian rhtym. All dancer were dancing in harmony. and smiles on faces…. Costumes were so colorful.. some female costumes sounded to me like ” bride costumes” .  Bow tie of Raul was never -to – be forgetten 🙂 he knows this .  By the way, he stucked his mind on my  ” voluntary card” that attached on my chest 🙂  he grapped it and said” it is so nice furkan, in the end, he tried to give my card to me back and I said” it can stay with u , but make people believe he is you :))

Each volunteers as far as I met and I knew were there .  To encourage people who came for dancing, Casa Muresenilor prepared ” DIPLOMA” for participants . and in the end of dance, people got diploma. Now they’re just certified ” Romanian dancers” :-))

This activity was not only fun, but also merged and integrated people who lives in Brasov city. In terms of this,  it was big deal and success.   Thank you for all !  See you next time,



have a nice weekend! 

Va doresc un week-end minunat pentru tine

Mission completed

Have you ever seen ghost in Braşov ? ….
Nope ?
Because  someone kick their a.. 😉

I had a chance to listen their story…

Everyone has different story which written by history. People says these stories “Experience”.
Experience teaches slowly, and at the cost of mistakes. (Froude)



First time, I joined a Helloween. Interesting experience 😉



We played some rhytym in school,
they enjoyed,
and they will keep on boring music lessons… 😉




Well done! Victory! Brasov is saved now!






   We have good news for you! Since last Saturday Brasov hasn’t been ghost town any more. The fearless vampires killers defeated ghost and company from hell, sending them back to the dark side. On the way to the victory they had to dance with zombie, whisper with ghost, prove that they were stronger then werewolf and more clever then Dracula, even if they hate sudoku! At least, when the all mission were completed. All “magic” objects, which had to protect them, were gathered and new, music skills were learned, they became strong, clever, fast and cunning enough, to beat the beasts.




















The last battle took place on the Piata Sfatului. There, close to the fountain, the door to the death world appeared suddenly, almost with the last sunbeam. Our defenders surprised unwelcoming visitors determination visible on their painted faces. Dark colors of scary make-up, bruises and scares covered their faces made them more powerful and formidable.

Completely shocked monsters were unable to make any movement. They just stayed frozen like an ice monuments. So defenders smelled in this their chance on victory. They started to play music using recycling instruments. But it wasn’t nice melody! Players knew that the first thing which monsters hate just after people and love is noise. Although they are wild beast they can appreciate beauty of music and have very sensitive ears. They couldn’t stand noise. It forced them to pass the door and go back to the hell…


Halloween 2012 has been different for all the volunteers who work as EVS in Brasov. We  prepared a lot of games and a contest in order to choose the scariest pumpkin and, despite of the horrible weather that made us almost frozen, we had a really good mood. Yeah, the winter is arriving and Halloween was one prove of it!

The atmosphere seemed like if in a real scary move, because some of the volunteers put some music really cool and dark! at 17.30 pm started to be darkness. We played some games: slalom, bowls….children started to arrive, step by step. Even some of them came with an authentic dress of Halloween. For instance, some girls from high-school came and they worn clothes like witches and many kids as a zombies and ghosts. Most of them felt very engaged with this tradition and they came with very original creations of pumpkins. At the end, almost two hundred pumpkins adorned with its light the sport track of Scoala Generala nr 13, in Tractorul neighborhood. Although this is an American tradition, it was a good opportunity for implementing activity, creativity with children, teenagers, parents and teachers.

At the end of the afternoon, the jury chose the scariest pumpkins, the smallest one, ….. lot of prizes were distributed among the winners. In some point I felt the tentation of cooking some stew with all this pumpkins….if I would have to use all of them, I think that I could feed almost all population living in Brasov! Finally, I didn’t cook nothing, but I took one of the pumpkins designed by the volunteers and decorated my home. I think that my washer is the scariest one over the city!

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The German way of hitchhiking

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In recent weeks, I took the opportunity to increase my hitchhiking experiences in Romania. And surprisingly, I really started to like it and was wondering why I never tried this out before. But the reason for this came quite fast to my head: Nobody never ever does this back home in Germany (And in case you see hitchhikers on the street (which is like 1% chance), they are most likely not to get a car in the next 10-20 hours 😉 )

However, after thinking a while, I found out that we have a similar way of “hitchhiking” which I’d like to present because it’s so typically German:

We have a site on the Internet called where people post their travels by car an would like to take some other passengers with them. For money, of course. So for instance, if I want to travel from Hamburg to Berlin the 3nd of November at 10:30 am, I check the site and may find some people who offer a ride. The ride would cost about 10 € (which is, in contrast to train/bus/plane/driving yourself pretty cheap.) I tried this out pretty often for several routes and met some cool people.

But anyway, this is how Germans plan in general: No risk, as less spontaneity as possible, everything planned instead and in the meantime, the cheapest as possible 😉

So in case you ever want to “hitchhike” in Germany (and have success), try out!

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The yellow Light of Sighisoara

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Last week there was the perfect autumn weather: In the morning it was enormously foggy, when Mahila, Jennifer, Kike and me started our trip to Sighisoara, a small beautiful medieval town between the hills of Transilvania. During the journey the sun broke through the mist, which slowly faded away. We saw a small fortress hovering above a stripe of fog in a village – the perfect transilvanian fantasy.
Then we arrived Sighisoara and there was a blue sky without any clouds and the view was beautiful. We discovered the meandering streets, made of plump smoothy stones, and the colorful houses: light blue, pink, peach… All-over there was the smell of yellow colored leafs which created a very special light at this afternoon.

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The stupidity killed the Fanstasy

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 Why some people try to destroy us and why we give them the opportunity to do it?  


 You had great ideas, you had special ideas.  Probably too much ideas in your head. You used to think that everything was easier than it really is. But you realized that´s not true. An maybe, who knows, you couldn´t make them a real thing, they were just ilusion, or it wasn´t the correct moment for it. Time is very important, more than other staff.

 Of course you´ve changed with the time, now you´re different, and don´t become depressive, because I´m sure you are a better person now. So think in the positive way, don´t get sick because a small reason. Think only about the important, don´t make yourself lost. 




 And I tell you this because I know that you´re a person, like me, like your neighbour, like your girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, like your mate, like your friend, like your teacher… because I am a person like you are, and I know how hard it sometimes is to live in this world, full of falseness, lies and stupidity everywhere. And you must know that you also are part of it, you´re not perfect and you must give you an oportunity, and give oportunities to others. But be yourself: ALWAYS. 

 The changing process needs time, happening in a natural way, without the stress of our lifes, so don´t expect have a total change from one day to the next.  And don´t pay attention to <DREAM KILLERS>. Yes, because I realized that some people in this world, they gave up on their own dreams, and they´re only happy destroying the deams of others. Or probably they spent lots of energies in order to get their dreams, and in their frustration they wanna destroy yours.





 I did things that I never suposed I could do. Maybe I wasn´t prepared for it, maybe I was afraid about it. But I´m toattly happy believing that a change is possible.

 Don´t allow the stupidity kills the fantasy inside you. You´re harder, and then you´ll be alive while your deams will be alive inside you.

Believe in you, be pacient, don´t permit others keeping you down. Trust yourself.



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Heyy !

Ce faci ????

As you know we have an event 31 of October about HALLOWEEN !!!

Let’s check what’s Halloween !

As i know, according to Celtic summer  schedule that starts on 31 of October..In that time people believes that dead people can pass to the world. So that  the most terribly way to scare them, dressed and walk around then scream like böööööööö 😀  ( of course there is a lot meaning of halloween but..this one is cool ! )


Halloween is a common cultural values ​​of humanity, which has become one of the feast. For examble in my country we dont celebrate Halloween.. But for me it will be quite good to celebrate it in first time in my life. Pumpkins ? Hell yeah i never ever made a scary face from a pumpkin.. Cuz i prefer to eat them 😀  But that night i will have some respect to them.

Hmm maybe if you have the scariest pumpkin in competition… I can give up the eat pumpkins all my life long ! 😀

Let me give you some information in Romanian :  Decorează-ți bostanul și vino cu el, miercuri, 31 octombrie,
în curtea mare a Școlii Generale nr. 13 (cartierul Tractorul) pentru a-l înscrie în concurs. La ora 19 îi vom aprinde și vom premia cel mai mic,
cel mai mare și cel mai buhuhu bostan!

Înscriem în concurs bostani, indiferent de vârstă.
Taxă de înscriere 1 leu.


We will have great Halloween night.. Games, competition ( the scariest pumpkin, the smallest pumpkin, the biggest pumpkin…) and LOTS OF CANDİES !



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Brother from another mother..

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It has been long time that i coudnt write, i am not lazy i just dont wanna write.. Actually writing a blog is a good idea for examble even if i die this blogs gonna stay all the time in internet 😀 Anyway but i feel sad today cuz i said ‘’ good bye ‘’ to my one of the best person i have ever met in Romania..He is going back to Spain.. He teached me how to be brother from another mom & father..  He was always together with me.. He all the time support me, we had really good time all together.. I became all the time drunk with him. My time was great with him…

He knows how to enjoy, how to speak, how to be good person…And he has got a really big nose 😀

Good luck my bro !!!

We are on the way of  Delta..


His birthday present 🙂


Heili – Me- Ruben and lovely Romanian family

















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report from Moldova !

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Training Course

“A CreACTive Approach For a Better World”

15-22 October, 2012

Cosnita, Chisinau, Moldova


About   the Training Course

The training course “A CreACTive Approach  for  a Better World” aims were to explore the concept  of social                entrepreneurship as an innovative way to  solve social problems  using entrepreneurial skillsand youth voice. The project was focus on the concept of the social entrepreneurship in general and was bring  a specific scope  on the  entrepreneurship skills, leadership and management, needs problem analysis as  well  as funding and financing – all being explored in the context of  youth  organizations and  volunteering. In this way  the training course was serve as a                platform  for young entrepreneurs learning how to build a  better   world in a healthier environment and diminish poverty in  spite of  using  traditional  and outdated practices, employing creative  youth initiatives and promoting social entrepreneurship.

Project language: English, Russian

Aim: To explore the concept  of social entrepreneurship as an innovative  way to  solve  social problems using     entrepreneurial  skills and youth voice.

Working methods: Daily plenaries,  followed  by Questions  & Answers   sessions; Interactive and creative workshops; Practical simulation games; Open Space Technology; Meeting with  facilitators and managers of social entrepreneurship in Chisinau; Debates; Intercultural&interactivity games and non-formal learning.

Target   group:  Young   people and youth workers  from various social groups  that are active in their organizations and        wish to gain more skills and knowledge  in entrepreneurial thinking and approach.

It  was expected to  target around 30 young people  in  the age of  18-30,

Participants coming from 11 organizations from EU (Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Italy,  Austria) and EECA (Moldova, Georgia,  Belarus, Turkey,  Ukraine, Armenia) region from  rural and urban areas.







What I learned:

-how to prepare a business plan

-how to have a good speech

-what’s mean social entrepreneurship

– what’s mean social problems

-don’t be afraid to make a mistakes

-what motivated us

-recipe of successful social enterprise

-how to dream big

-about social networks

-about countres  from Kavkaz


What can I use in my work/life from training in the future

-how to do good business plan and how hard it is

-how important is use full your time because time is a money

-how to think creative

-how to find motivation to go ahead and where

-how to have good speech and how to preper  the good speech.


Usefull links :


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Bine ati venit la Valcea …

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Weekend I was in Valcea and had great time ..  I like Valcea so much  for some reasons more than other cities.  First of all , it is peaceful and small .. Weather is almost nice and hotter cuz it is basically located in south part  of Romania.

On the way … to Calimanesti and Valcea.. I had a lot of memories especially with Kike also when we met with greenthinkers in Cozia national park, i still remember they made their own project and we were going on into wild, lol .

Valcea is one of few places in Romania where you can find Thermal water sources that are so healthy for human being.  Don’t look down to life of art in Valcea, cuz when compared to size of city, there are still remarkable cultural events such as opera, ballet, concert , theatre etc.

I like night view of Valcea.. it is so silent and pure, you can walk through city may be  have a seat on bench .. If you go to Valcea, you can visit ” Big ball mall” which is very famous.  Boromir Cafe is one of the best for leisure time. In the City, there are remarkable number of restaurant and one big Mc donalds… the Street where all banks are also worth to visit.  The Colleges and high school of City is so old  and historical.  Vega pub is nice place to spend time with friends.Also there is Karaoke over there.   I saw almost my all friends in Valcea  Rosa, Mari, Jorge, Alex, David, Esra , Iuila, Cornelia ,Violeta it was great to see them .





















Servus , have nice week,


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Even the Angels need help…!

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I am Umpaniel, angels of god… I can remove do evil spirit and devils. I came to Braşov because
Purgatory’s door had opened by dracula in Braşov.  I need your help for close the door and remove the freaks. I will tell u what you are going to do, just join the Ghost Town…
I said Ghost Town because freaks are here and they will attack Braşov in 27th October…


Don’t trust my face…

… neither my voice or clothes…

I’m a very, very old… woman.

I was fighting with vampires when your grand grand grand grand grand mother didn’t dream not only about grand grand grand grand grand children but also they couldn’t imagine having babies.

None know better then me how to beat this beast from hell.

I’m here to help you. I have been prepared special stuff for you from two months.

So you can ask,  what I’m doing here, among flying pages from the old books? Shouldn’t I sharpen wooden stakes and polish silver bullets?

Oh, my dear fearless vampire killers! The answer is simply… I’m waiting for you! …in George George Bariţiu Public Library, on Saturday afternoon,  at 16:00 o’clock. 

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